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Why Rest Area is Important in Trampoline Park?

Why Rest Area is Important in Trampoline Park?

Oct 18,2021

When you are planning a trampoline park design, you may be hesitant about whether or not to include a rest area in trampoline park. Generally if your space allows it, we would highly recommend to include a rest area into your park. In this article, let’s take a look at the benefits of setting a rest area in an indoor trampoline park

Suqian Pokiddo Trampoline Park Rest Area

1.Rest area brings good customer service

Rest area is an important part of good customer service. It provides a comfortable space for customers to take a rest after fun time in trampoline park. And many parents or guardians would choose not to play and give themselves a break while waiting for their children, so a well-decorated rest space would spare them the trouble of finding another place to kill time. 

Hangzhou Pokiddo Trampoline Park Rest Area

2.Rest area improves trampoline park revenue

Rest area is a space equipped with not only tables and chairs, but also some ancillary facilities like snack bars, restaurant or vendor machines, etc. While sitting in the rest area, customers would love to enjoy some snacks, drinks or cups of coffee. So it would be a great boost to the trampoline park revenue. 

Pokiddo Trampoline Park Rest Area Design

3.Rest area for friends or family fun time

Trampoline parks are becoming a new trend for friends or family gathering. Other than enjoying some fun play time together, you will find that they also have the needs of sitting down and chatting over meals or drinks. Communication is important for building up relationships, so rest area should be an important element you should consider during planning. 

4.Rest area to avoid noise in the reception area

Rest area is an important space to distribute customers. You will find in some trampoline parks without rest area, many customers may stay around in the reception area, which would affect the efficiency of trampoline park operation and intimidate those potential customers who would love a comparatively quite space to take a break. 

Hangzhou Pokiddo Trampoline Park Rest Area Design

Rest area is becoming an important element as it not only brings better customer service, but also boosts trampoline park revenue. While you are planning your trampoline park, if your space size and budget allow it, we advise you to include it in your park. 

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