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How to Get a Customized Trampoline Park Design?

How to Get a Customized Trampoline Park Design?

Update Time:2021/9/7

Once you find a perfect location for your trampoline park, you will begin to imagine how will your park look like? What trampoline park attractions fit into it? It’s time for you to get professional customized trampoline park design proposal for your business. 

Pokiddo, as a trampoline park manufacturer and franchise brand, our designers have designing assignment from clients all over the world. As we’ve got experience in building our own brand parks, our designs would not be a simple combination of trampoline park attractions. Our designers would also consider the operation needs in the layout plan. 

To offer a perfect trampoline park design proposal tailored for your space, the below are the steps we need to take. 

1. Offer Detailed Information about Your Space

For a proper trampoline park design, the very first step we should take is to be completely clear about the site or space. It’s fundamental because any mistakes on the site information will lead to ineffectiveness at the design. Once we’re on the same page about all the site details, we will work out a great plan for your park. The below are what we need:

1) The CAD floor plan of the space

2) The photos of the interior and exterior of the site, you can stand in the middle of the site and take photos in different directions. 

3) The heights of the space, including the ceiling height and the clear height. 

4) Facilities in the space, like the entrance, exit, toilets, elevator, etc. 

2. Share Your Ideas & Preferences for Trampoline Park Design

We believe you’ve probably done some research or investigation about trampoline park before jumping into the business. So you’ve probably have some ideas about what your park would look like. We listed some questions for you to make you be more clear about your design plan. 

1) Do you have ideas about what trampoline park games you wanna include in your park?

2) Any building interior design preference? Does the park has a theme? Any color scheme? 

3) Do you have any events plan? For example birthday parties, if yes we will include party room in the design. 


3. Offer CAD Layout Plan for Trampoline Park Design

Once the designers get all the required information, our work starts. Before offering three-dimensional design, we will work out the CAD layout plan for you first. The CAD layout plan would give you a clear idea about the distribution of all the trampoline park attractions and facilities. You can evaluate the plan with following tips and discuss with us to work out a better plan for your customized trampoline park. 

1) Is the whole space fully utilized? How’s the capacity of your park?

2) Does the layout plan include all the trampoline attractions you required?

3) Imagine you’re running the park, is the layout of the games or facilities easy for operation?

4) Imagine you’re player, do you think the route from one game to the next is reasonable?

5) Does the layout meet local safety requirement? Like fire exit requirement, trampoline equipment safety requirement, etc. 

How to Get a Customized Trampoline Park Design

4. Create Customized 3D Design Proposal for your trampoline park

Once the layout is confirmed, we’ve made a big step in the design process. 3D design is like turning a sketch into a colorful painting. The designers will keep your theme requirement and preferences in their mind and try their best to create a fantastic trampoline park design for you. When you see the 3D design, you will have a very vivid idea about the looks of your future park. 


How to Get a Customized Trampoline Park Design-2

5. Final Evaluation and Confirmation of Your Trampoline Park Design

Here comes the final step of creating a customized trampoline park design. We will together evaluated the design proposal, discuss every single detail, and work out a final revision plan. Once all the revisions are done, we will come to the final confirmation of the design. 


A well planned customized trampoline park design is the first key step for a successful trampoline park business. Pokiddo would be your choice of trampoline park builder with no regrets. Please feel free to consult us for details. 

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