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Can You Design The Interior of My Trampoline Park?

Can You Design The Interior of My Trampoline Park?

Update Time:2021/8/24

Yes Pokiddo design team can work with you to offer interior design proposal for your trampoline park. Our design team can be divided into two parts, one for the layout and design of trampoline park equipment, the other for the interior design of the building. You will find that many trampoline parks have very simple building decoration as it would save a lot of cost. But if you're planning to build a high-end trampoline park, especially those in shopping malls, you should probably consider to design interior finishes. 

Pokiddo as a trampoline park franchise brand, we have the experience of working with our franchise partners to work out interior design proposal and build well-decorated trampoline parks. If you are planning to design the interior for your trampoline park , please feel free to consult us. Send an inquiry.

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