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Trampoline Park Building: Construction, Rental or Revitalization?

Trampoline Park Building: Construction, Rental or Revitalization?

Oct 5,2021

Building a trampoline park can be an exciting business challenge, and if you run it successfully, it would turn into a profitable venture. However, as you may know, the startup cost for setting up a trampoline park is generally high, and one of the major investment costs are the expenses connected with the location and the building, which may be even higher than the trampoline park equipment cost. 

Before you genuinely get into the trampoline park market, you must look around and search for a suitable location for trampoline park. And when it comes to the building, you have three options: renting an existing desirable building, constructing a completely new building, or revitalizing an old industrial building. 

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1.Renting an existing desirable building

Rental is the most choice for trampoline park investors, as it’s the most efficient way to get the business started. So when you are in the location search phase, it is worth checking to see if there’s any desirable suitable existing building in your target location. However you should keep your expectations low in your minds, as most existing buildings cannot meet the requirements for a trampoline park

The rental costs will depend on the location, you might need to balance the rental cost and the football and choose the most suitable one for your park. And don’t forget to consider what procedures there are to change the designated use of the building rented. 

2.Constructing a completely new building

If you have an appropriate plot of land, you might consider to construct a completely new building for your trampoline park. However if you don’t have one, it would probably be the least choice you adopt, as you need to consider the cost of buying land and all the necessary permits connected to changing the designated use of the land, which might be quite a lot of expenses in the start-up phase. And in the early phase of construction, you also have to take care of all the additional infrastructure such as access roads, parking spaces and more. Constructing a new building would be both energy and time consuming, which should be considered in your business plan as sometimes a good timing is very importance for the success of a trampoline park. 

3.Revitalizing an old industrial building

Revitalizing an old industrial building is comparatively cost-saving when compared to constructing a new one. Industrial buildings have the advantage of widely open space with few unnecessary pillars of walls, which could largely reduce the costs of further construction work. However industrial buildings are generally not in the city center with large population surrounding, which is the biggest disadvantage. As a good footfall or demographic is the key to a successful trampoline park business. So revitalization can be an option only when the building is in the vicinity of desired trampoline park location. If you only choose an industrial building because of the low cost, you will probably have to spend much more cost on marketing and promotion to attract visitors. 

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In conclusion, you will find each option for trampoline park building has its cons and pros, so you need to evaluate your actual situation and budget plan to find the most desirable trampoline park building for your business. 

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