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The Price is Not Always the Most Important Factor for Trampoline Park

The Price is Not Always the Most Important Factor for Trampoline Park

Sep 2,2021

Trampoline park is a good business opportunity, but building one is comparatively a complex project. When you start to look for the right trampoline park manufacturer or franchise brand, you will find on the market that the range of trampoline park prices is wide. 


When you plan to start a trampoline park, the first thing you will do is probably, search on google for the answer to the question “how much does it cost to build a trampoline park?”. So is the price always the most important factor for trampoline park?


Pokiddo Trampoline Park Overal Design

Is the price of trampoline park equipment really the decisive factor?

The startup costs of opening a trampoline park are high, and there would be ongoing costs in your operation stage. If you search for data from the International Association of Trampoline Parks, the number of startup costs could reach seven figures on average. 

Due to the high startup cost, it’s true that you cannot ignore the trampoline park price as the equipment is the major part of your investment. It may be the decisive factor to affect your decision if you will do the business or not, but cannot be the criterion on which you decide on the trampoline park manufacturer or supplier you cooperate with. 

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You have to take trampoline park as a long-term business

Despite the high start-up cost, the trampoline park is a profitable business worth investing. As per our experience, our clients in China can expect a return on their investment within 6-12 monthly approximately on average , which is similar to the data according to the International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP). For a long-term profit, other than trampoline park price or cost, there are some more important factors you have to take account of. 


1) Choose the high quality, not the cheapest

The quality of the trampoline park equipment decides you will pay the money in the beginning or in the end. It means, maybe in the beginning you are happy that you find the cheapest trampoline park on the market, but in the end you find you pay more on the equipment. Quality and safety should always be the priorities in the trampoline park business, or you will face expensive maintenance cost or more seriously, claims from customers. So the trampoline park price should not be the decisive factors for choosing the equipment, and high-quality trampoline park should be the first thing to consider if you want your park to run for a long time and be used safely by visitors for years. Always choose high-quality products from certified manufacturers. 


2) The design proposal from operator’s point of view

All the trampoline parks are designed according to the building space, thus all unique and special. And the price of the trampoline park depends on the size and layout. But the price cannot be the most important criterion in choosing the design proposal. 

A good layout plan is designed from the operator’s point of view, makes full use of the space, and includes the popular attractions, etc. Maybe the trampoline park price is a little higher, but you will find that a good design will help increase customers repetition and decrease the operating expenses. 

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3) Professional consulting service throughout the project

Generally a trampoline park manufacturer will provide all the equipment related service, including design, production, shipping and installation. But if you can find one with the experience of running trampoline parks, you will get bonus service. You can always get advice throughout the entire project, like how to find a suitable location, how to do promotion and marketing for trampoline park, etc. It will save you lots of time or money spent on searching for answers or solutions. The bonus consulting service can be an important factor for the success of your trampoline park business

In conclusion, opening a trampoline park is much more than a one-time deal, it’s a long-term business! The trampoline park price may be the major part of the start-up cost, but cannot be the most important factor to consider. With some other important factors taken into consideration, you probably can get the increased cost put into the startup back. 

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