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Safety Measures and Standards Required to Run a Trampoline Park

Safety Measures and Standards Required to Run a Trampoline Park

Sep 1,2021

Along with the popularity of the sport of trampolining, we’re embracing a fast growing of the number of trampoline parks. It has become the latest craze growing increasingly popular worldwide. Although trampoline park is a great way for fun entertainment time, the trampoline park safety issue is now drawing people’s attention extensively. 

Although trampolining is considered less dangerous than some other sports, the fact is, the number of injuries is increasing in trampoline park along with its increasing popularity. Sprains and fractures are the most common injuries in both home trampolines and trampoline parks. With the purpose to make jumping in trampoline park as safe as possible, some professional trampoline park safety standards and measures have been drawn up, while jumpers are also required to follow safety rules strictly. 


To ensure the safe operation of trampoline park, the owner has to meet the following two conditions:

--The construction of trampoline park has to meet related international safety standards

--To ensure all the visitors to trampoline parks obey all the safety rules. 


1. What are the International Safety Standards for Trampoline Parks?

To ensure trampoline park safety, different country may require different safety standard to obey. The below are some popular international safety standards on the market:

-- ASTM F2970 (USA)

-- 2PfG 2524 (European countries)

-- PAS 5000 (Britain)

-- XP S52-370-1 (France)

-- GB 19079.23 (China)

If you dig into the details of all the safety standards, you will find that they share a lot of similar requirements that have to met with in the design and building of trampoline parks. Both the trampoline park manufacturers and operators should be clear about the specifications of the standard they have to follow. The United States of America, as the origin of trampoline parks, should take the credit for developing the initial safety standards. The cooperation between the International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP) and many professionals in the fields of gymnastics and trampoline manufacturing leads to the well-developed international safety standards for trampoline parks. 


2. Well-trained Employees to Supervise for Trampoline Park Safety

Trampoline park construction following the safety standards is not enough to ensure safety. As trampoline park operator, you should take measures to guide visitors to follow the safety rules. Who should take the responsibility for the safety guidance? The employees or staff in your park. What the employees should do to prevent injuries?

-- The employees in the trampoline park should be well trained as they have to clarify the safety rules to the customers and guide them how to do the jumping and play games correctly, and they should react professionally and take appropriate first aid measures in case of accidents

--There should be a certain number of employees according to the trampoline park size. Each park area should have one or two employees to supervise. They should watch and make sure that all players are following safety rules to prevent unnecessary injuries. 


The employees are very important to the safe operation of trampoline park. Make sure the employees you recruit have great sense of responsibility and are hard-working and willing to help others. 

3. Visitors Must Obey the Trampoline Park Safety Rules

If trampoline park visitors don’t follow the safety rules, no matter how well you build your trampoline park according to the international safety standards, the injuries are still unavoidable. You will find that most of the injuries are the result of ignoring safety rules. So it is very important to make the safety rules and guidelines clearly explained to customers. If you’ve ever been to a trampoline park, you would know that you cannot immediately start jumping. One of the very first things done is a talk about safety. How should visitors prevent injuries in trampoline park?


--Each visitor must sign the waiver to liability. If the players are children or teenagers under 16, the parents or authorized adult guardian should sign the waiver. The waiver is like a formal paper to declare the potential risks and remind visitors to obey the safety rules. Players should take the safety seriously. 

--Visitors must watch a safety video and learn about the rules of safe play before using the equipment. Operators should make sure that visitors are paying good attention while watching the video, and put safety rules posters or videos inside the trampoline park to remind the players repeatedly. 

--Visitors should be encouraged to do warm-ups before using the equipment. No matter what sports game it is, the warm-ups is always important. It will get the body ready for the sport thus to prevent unnecessary injuries. 

In conclusion, it is when the manufacturers, operators and visitors all put trampoline park safety as the priority in running a trampoline park, we can avoid almost all the unnecessary injuries. Nothing in the world is completely safe, it is the awareness of safety that protects you from dangers. 

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