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How to Create a Name for Your Trampoline Park?

How to Create a Name for Your Trampoline Park?

Aug 2,2021

When you plan to start a trampoline park and build your own brand instead of a franchise, you’re probably thinking about how to name your future trampoline park. It may be a little challenging for your to create a name as you will find that some good names have already been taken. How to create a name for your trampoline park will play a important role in your brand awareness building part of your trampoline park business. Follow our guide below step by step to learn how to come up with a trampoline park name.

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1. Do Some Research about the Names of Trampoline Parks on The Market

Search on google or social media platforms about the names of the well-know trampoline parks on the market. Make a list of all the names you find and think about the similarity or uniqueness between them. It will help give you many creative ideas about how to name your trampoline park. There are many famous trampoline park brands like Skyzone Trampoline Park, Urban Air Adventure Park, Launch Trampoline Park, Altitude Trampoline Park, Jump Street Trampoline Park, Big Air Trampoline Park, Gravity Trampoline Park etc. One similarity in these names is that they are kind of jumping or air related words. You can consider to find synonyms to jumping, air, bounce, etc. So whenever you don’t have any ideas on anything, always a clever idea to do some research on the market and get ideas to start. 


2. Start Brainstorming for Potential Names for Your trampoline Park

Once you’ve got some basic ideas for trampoline park name, you can move into brainstorming stage, which may help you come up with some more new creative ideas. Two tips for your trampoline park name brainstorming. 

1) Invite your friends into your trampoline park name brainstorming

You probably will get stuck in getting ideas for a name if you keep it all to yourself. For a boost of creativity, you can get some helps from your friends or family members. Invite them to a friends gathering or a small meeting, share your needs for a creative trampoline park name and discuss with them for some more ideas. Different people will have different ideas, so sharing and discussion will surely spark creativity. 


2) Use Some Tools to Generate More Ideas for Trampoline Park Name

Nowadays there are some business name generator tools to help you produce more customized, unique and creative names for your indoor trampoline park. And one advantage of these generator tools is that they can help secure names with domain availability. 


You can use as many strategies to come up with as many names for your trampoline park as possible. The more you're thinking, the more possbile you may get a wonderful idea. 

3. Narrow Your Trampoline Park Name Choices by Specific Tricks

Now you probably have a list of names for your trampoline park to choose from, then should go through the list and start to narrow down your choices. Here are some tips to help you cross some not-good-enough names.  

1) Keep Trampoline Park Name As Short as Possible

Short business names are usually catchier and easier to remember. You will find that many big  famous brands are very short, like Apple, Nike, Amazon, Nike, etc. It’s easier for you to remember trampoline park names like Skyzone, Urbanair, Launch, etc. Of there are exceptions, but generally the shorter, the better. 

2) Avoid Difficult Words, Hard to Pronounce

The pronunciation associates closely to the remembering of the word and then affects people’s willingness to use it or share it in their talking. So avoid using difficult words that are hard to pronounce or spell for your trampoline park name. 

3) Consider Words People Use for Trampoline Park Topics

When people talk about trampoline park topics, they may use some specific phrases. You can check social media posts or talk with your friends for this type of phrases. Since they use these phrases quite often, it would be much easier for them to remember. So consider names related to the phrases. 

4) Do a Voting for Favorite Trampoline Park Name

Voting is a direct way to see which trampoline park name is likely to get popular. You can invite your friends and family members together to do a voting for the trampoline park names on your list. Let them choose three or five favorite names from you list and do a ranking to see the top three names. 


There are many other ways for you to narrow down your choices. Make sure you narrow down to a certain number, like three or five options. 

4. Check The Availability of Your Top Considerations for Your Trampoline Park Name

To this point, you probably have only a few options like three or five to make your final decision. There’s an important step to do before your final choice, check each name for availability. Trademark search for the trampoline park name to make sure your park name is not trademarked, or you’re not allowed to use it in similar capacity. And also do domain search to make sure you can secure a domain name. 


5. Decide on Your Trampoline Park Name and Start Initial Brand Awareness

Once you’ve made your final decision on trampoline park name, you can start to build up brand awareness. Create a unique, cool logo design for your trampoline park, build a business website and social media platforms to establish your brand recognition. 

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