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Be a Trampoline Park Franchisee Vs. Be an Independent Trampoline Park Owner

Be a Trampoline Park Franchisee Vs. Be an Independent Trampoline Park Owner

Aug 17,2021

When you plan to invest indoor trampoline park business, you may probably fall into a common dilemma: choose to be a trampoline park franchisee or be an independent trampoline park owner with your own brand name. It’s a choice between an well-established business mode or starting your business all from scratch. Today let’s analyze the advantages of each business mode to help you make your decision while you’re struggling about the choice. 


Benefits from Being a Trampoline Park Franchisee

To be a trampoline park franchisee or get a franchise from an existing trampoline park brand could be a good choice for individuals who want to enjoy the benefits from a well-established business with a well-known brand name. Comparatively, the startup costs for a trampoline park franchisee are higher than building your own brand park as there would be initial franchise fee. If you’ve got a certain amount of startup fund, and expect to get supports from professional trampoline park builder, franchise would be your best choice. The below are some benefits for trampoline park franchisee. 

1) A Trampoline Park Franchisee Has Well-established Franchise Brand Awareness

No matter you’re a trampoline park franchisee or an independent trampoline park owner, building brand awareness is important to a successful trampoline park business. Good brand awareness means that people would be quite familiar with the brand name, and will probably pop up in their minds when they plan to visit trampoline park for fun. A franchise will probably means that it already has built widespread brand awareness in your target market. It will save you lots of energy or efforts in marketing and promoting. 

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2) Turnkey-service from Site Selection to Complete Construction of Trampoline Park

The franchise trampoline park company will help you throughout the whole project. It will offer you advice on choosing a suitable site or location, professional tailored design proposal, installation of the park equipment, ongoing support for marketing, promotion and more. Being a trampoline park franchisee could indeed prevent you from losing sleep over the project. 


3) A Trampoline Park Franchisee Gets Established Customer Base

The franchise company probably has built a good customer base, which could partially become your potential customer base once you get the franchisee. 


4) Trampoline Park Franchise Increases the Chance of Success

To be a trampoline park franchisee is like standing on the shoulder of giants, you can get better sight or vision and can use the proven methods of a successful trampoline park business, thus you can have a good chance of success.


Benefits from Being an Independent Trampoline Park Owner

It’s true that being a trampoline franchisee can bring you many benefits. However, you may also get some limits and are not completely independent. If you like to have complete control on your own park, you can be an independent trampoline park owner, and you will enjoy the following benefits:

1) Comparatively Lower Cost to Build Your Own Brand Trampoline Park

To be an independent trampoline park owner will save you franchise related costs, like initial franchise fee and ongoing royalty fee, so it would comparatively lower your whole project cost. You will find the franchise opportunities from companies like skyzone, urbanair, etc charge a lot for their franchise service. If you have a limited budget, you should consider to build your own brand instead of franchise. 

2) An Independent Trampoline Park Owner has Freedom to Choose Equipment and Service

If you plan to building your own brand trampoline park, you should find a professional trampoline park manufacturer to help realize your dream, who should be your partner in your project. You two can work together to build an ideal trampoline park with your own ideas. You can have freedom to choose the trampoline park equipment and what kind of service you need. You always have a say in your own business. 

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3) An Independent Trampoline Park Owner has Freedom to Run Your Business as You Like

The success of a trampoline park depends on its operation, or how you run your business. An independent trampoline park owner has the free to run your business as you like, or put your own ideas into the operation. It’s quite a challenging process, but your own free ideas may make your park differentiate from others and stand out from competition. It’s the efforts you put in that makes you cherish your business and enjoy great fulfillment from the success. 


In conclusion, no matter you choose to Be a Trampoline Park Franchisee or Be an Independent Trampoline Park Owner, since you’re in a profitable business, you will probably have a good chance of success. You can make the decision depending on your situation. Pokiddo, as a trampoline park manufacturer and franchise company both, you can always be a good partner for you. Please feel free to consult us for details. 

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