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Start A Trampoline Park: Market Research and Location Select

Start A Trampoline Park: Market Research and Location Select

Jul 29,2021

No matter what kind of business you’re planning to do, market research and choosing location are the procedures you should start with to increase the chances of a successful business from the beginning. Start a trampoline park is no difference, so take the steps to build your trampoline park. Haste makes no success. In this article we will clarify three tips on market research and location about start a trampoline park. 


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Doing market research about target customer is to discover valuable customer information and study their consumption habits, such as how many children, teenagers and young people are in your area, how’s their demands for a trampoline park, where do they like to go in their leisure time or holidays, what they’re willing to spend money on, etc. In the market research, you can resort to different methods like doing surveys, interviews, online polls, local statistics tools or online analytics tools, etc. For example, the demographic data, you probably can find it on some local government website. You can also get a local research company to do the job for you. You should be expected to answer the below questions through your research:

1) What’s the age structure in your area? (focus on the population of the children, teenager and young people)

2) Who would be your main target customers? Children or young adults?

3) Are there any commercial centers like shopping mall? Or in the residential community?

4) How’s the consumption ability of the parents or young adults?

5) Where do your target customers like to do in holidays or leisure time?


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Doing market research about competition is to analyse if there’s still market space for you to start a trampoline park. Check how many trampoline parks already exist in your area, go visit your competitors to see the business running. You can also visit their social media pages and read the comments and reviews. You are expected to answer the following questions through your research:

1) What’s the competitors’ visitor flow in week day and weekend?

2) What trampoline park attractions are popular in competitors’ parks?

3) How much do they charge? Learn about the prices of service and products like snacks, etc. 

4) How do they plan their events? Any activities in daily operation and holiday?

5) Think about how you can stand out from the competition? Or how do you differentiate from  others?



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Location is very important to the success of running a trampoline park. The blow are advices we offer for clients in China, you can take as a reference. 

City Advice on start a trampoline park:

1) First-, second- and third-tier cities recommended, which have advantages in economy, politics and culture, etc, and thus have relatively high consumption levels.

2) The city population is more than 3 million (based on Chinese citiy populations status), ensuring a certain potential target customer group.

3) The city has a high happiness index, strong tolerance, vigor, and pursuit of entertainment and a youthful lifestyle.

Location Advice on start a trampoline park:

1) An old city with a permanent population of more than 300k in a radius of 3 kilometers, or a new city under development

2) The surrounding areas are mainly residential communities or commercial centers, etc. Picking a location near a high traffic place like a shopping mall will help bring in more foot traffic

3) The name of the location is a familiar and well-known one for people in the city. It would make customers easier to find your park. 

4) Convenient transportation, direct bus, subway or light rail, convenient parking, plenty of parking spaces


A good beginning is half success. Once you’ve done good market research and found a good location, you can start to find a reliable trampoline park builder to assist your business. Pokiddo as a trampoline park manufacturer and franchise brand, would love to work together with you to start a trampoline park. 

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