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Pokiddo Franchise Trampoline Park in Suichang, Lishui

Pokiddo Franchise Trampoline Park in Suichang, Lishui

Sep 16,2021

Briefing on Suichang Pokiddo Trampoline Park

Suichang Pokiddo Trampoline Park is located on the 1st floor of Fortune Building (next to Vienna International Hotel), Junzi Road, Suichang County, Lishui City. It is the first diversified indoor trampoline park and also the largest indoor recreational sports venue in Suichang. It includes a diversity of popular trampoline park attractions, like velcro wall, tap fun wall, trampoline boxing, spider drop tower, battle beam, fiberglass slides, crazy slide, high altitude ropes course, rainbow nest, large ball pool and more. 

A Project by a Lady Investor with beauty and wisdom

Suichang Pokiddo trampoline park is a project by a young lady investor with beauty and wisdom, called Ms Lei. She has keen market insight and is good at seizing the trend. Right after the investigation of our Pokiddo Magic Trampoline Park, she made the decision to do the business directly as she kept a optimistic attitude toward the prospect of the trampoline park industry and found that there’s no trampoline park in Suichang, which would be good location for the business due to its good demographic. 

During the early phase of trampoline park site selection, Ms. Lei had two venues under consideration. Through our professional research and data analysis, she made the choice of a more desirable site. Pokiddo assisted Ms. Lei throughout the whole project, from site selection, professional design, manufacturing, shipping, installation and training before grand opening. 

Suichang Pokiddo Trampoline Park Reception

Suichang Pokiddo Trampoline Park free jump

Suichang Pokiddo Trampoline Park boxing

Suichang Pokiddo Trampoline Park roller glider and slides

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