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8000 sqm2 Pokiddo Indoor Trampoline Park in Tianjin

8000 sqm2 Pokiddo Indoor Trampoline Park in Tianjin

Sep 15,2021

Tianjin Pokiddo Trampoline Park Grand Opening

1.Briefing on the Tianjin Pokiddo Trampoline Park

Tianjin Pokiddo trampoline park is located in Yanji road, Beichen district, Tianjin. It officially opened on Dec. 25, 2018 and soon went viral on social networks like Tiktok, Wechat Moments, etc. The trampoline park covers an area of nearly 8000 square meters and includes 26 play attractions. The capacity for the park can reach 1000 players at one time. Here we have Mr. Feng, the investor of Tianjin Pokiddo to share his story on building the trampoline park. 

Tianjin Pokiddo Trampoline Park

2.'Why did you decide to do trampoline park business?'

'It’s our first try into the indoor amusement park industry. We decided to do trampoline parks for two reasons, one’s because we found on social media many interesting videos or photos of children having fun in trampoline park. We though this would be a new trend and a very good business opportunity. Another is we happened to have this large building available and not sure what business to do due to some change of plan. We came up with the idea and there was a good building, so we made our decision to get into the trampoline park industry. And later we knew we made a good decision. '

Tianjin Pokiddo Trampoline Park donut slide

3.'Why did you choose Pokiddo as manufacturer and partner?'

'As mentioned above, we knew nothing about the industry of indoor amusement park, let alone operating a trampoline park. So at the beginning, we were expected to do franchise as we believed that professional matters should be done by professional people. We searched on website and found Pokiddo, which is a trampoline park manufacturer but also offers franchise opportunity. After initial consulting, we soon paid a business trip to Pokiddo company in Wenzhou to do some investigation and detailed discussion. We confirmed our cooperation right after three days of factory visiting and in-depth communication. There were two factors we valued mostly about Pokiddo, one’s your design team’s designing ability, from professional layout plan to 3D rendering designs and also offer interior design if needed. Another’s training service, which was very important for us. Before the grand opening, you can send operation team to conduct professional operation training, safety testing, events planning training, ticket pricing system training and more. '

Tianjin Pokiddo Trampoline Park(2)

4.'How was your park performance in the past one year?'

'I can say our trampoline park is going quite well. It only took us half a year to break even. And i can offer some basic data for your reference, our average daily visitors flow can reach 800+, and during holidays can reach 2000+. When we are busy, visitors may have to wait for two hours to get into the park. We are quite happy with the performance of our trampoline park. '

Tianjin Pokiddo Trampoline Park Kids Playground

Tianjin Pokiddo Trampoline Park EPP Area

Tianjin Pokiddo Trampoline Park Sand Pit

Tianjin Pokiddo Trampoline Park Indoor Playground

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