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Marketing Tips for Trampoline Park Business

Marketing Tips for Trampoline Park Business

Sep 10,2021

Marketing is a key element for any business, and there’s no difference for trampoline park business. You may find two trampoline park in same city with similar surroundings are facing different status, one of the reasons for the differences should be the efforts put into marketing. Marketing seems a big word and many people may thing it would be difficult or expensive to do, the truth is, there are always some simple but effective marketing strategies you can take to grow your business by increasing your park’s online presence, awareness and reputation. Here are 3 simple but effective tips for your trampoline park business. 


1. Increase Trampoline Park Online Presence

If a potential visitor plans to look for a trampoline park, he or she would probably browse through the google search results and select the best one from the results on the top three pages. You will find the online competition is high and you need to make your trampoline park appear at the top of google results. 

Create a professional website page and present viewers all the information about your trampoline park. Add the detailed location and phone number to make sure customers can reach you or your park easily, update the business hours, clarify all the services related to your park, show exciting pictures or videos of your trampoline park attractions and activities, create the booking page so customers can book directly on your website, and more. 

Make sure the online reviews will bring more customers to your park. No matter how good your trampoline park is, it is probably inevitable to receive a few negative reviews, which may damage your reputation and affect your business. Generally it is the customers with unhappy experience that will choose to leave reviews. What you should do about the online reviews? You could adopt some measures to inspire customers to leave reviews online to help increase your park credibility and uplift your website in search result. For bad reviews, you should reply in a positive attitude and try best to upgrade service to avoid similar problems. 

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2. Local Marketing to Promoting Your Trampoline Park

The local marketing is to win the customers who live near your trampoline park. You can do some research about where your target customers are spending their leisure time, like gyms, shopping malls, education centers, schools, etc. You can create eye-catching flyers or small gifts with logo and hire some people to distribute them. Also you can work out a solution to cooperate with all the related businesses to help publicize your park.

Look for some local sponsoring opportunity which will increase your brand awareness. The local even sponsor is comparatively not expensive and is a very good chance to leave good impression on local people. You can search for some opportunities like charity concert, entrepreneurship competition, etc. Make sure they’re meaningful and would bring benefits to children, young people in your city, etc. 

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3. Social Media Marketing to Increase Trampoline Park Awareness

Social media is a great marketing tool for promoting your trampoline park, probably you don’t need to pay a penny to win a large amount of followers as your potential park visitors. People are starting to turn to social medias when searching for entertainments. If you don’t show on their social medial result, you’re probably losing them. You can create pages on all the popular social media platforms in your city, like Tiktok, youtube, instagram, facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc. If it’s in China, you should create official accounts on wechat, tiktok and more. 

Share all the exciting pictures or videos of your park attractions and activities regularly on your social medias, encourage you park visitors to follow you, interact with your followers actively, share park events plans and promotions regularly to attract customers repetition, etc. The large base of your followers are your bread and butter, make sure you’re sharing feeds to keep them interested and when you have a plan to visit a trampoline park, your park would be on the top of their list. 


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In conclusion, your efforts put into the marketing of your trampoline park really counts. Don’t be intimidated by the big word of ‘marketing’ itself. Make a plan and follow it step by step. All the small marketing steps will help grow your trampoline park business in return. 

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