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Do You Have to Buy Insurance for Your Trampoline Park?

Do You Have to Buy Insurance for Your Trampoline Park?

Aug 27,2021

The answer is positive, you have to buy insurance for your trampoline park. All types of businesses, no matter what industry, are facing potential risks that should be covered by insurance. Although it’s not legally required to, operating trampoline park without insurance would be extremely risky.  


What Will Cause Injuries at Trampoline Park?

Although trampoline parks may be considered less dangerous than a lot of youth sports, the fact is many injuries are happening on trampoline. The most common trampoline injuries in both home trampolines and trampoline parks were sprains and fractures. Why the injuries happen? Mostly it’s because the jumpers are not following the safety rules in trampoline park. The below are the common situations to cause injuries:

--Attempt tricks beyond skill level. The reason for most severe injuries. 

--Not aware of those around and collide with another person on the trampoline. 

--Land improperly while jumping or doing tricks, for example, land on one foot, head or neck. 

--Lose control of your body and fall off the trampoline. 


It is the poor awareness of safety rules that causes injuries in trampoline park. 


Trampoline Park Safety Rules

Why You Have to Buy Insurance for Trampoline Park?

Be aware of potential injuries in trampoline parks, it is irrefutable that park owners and operations are under risk in running a trampoline park. You probably have a lot of money and time invested in your trampoline park business, but maybe only one accident in your business will cost your significant financial loss or even worse, force you to close the door. No matter the accident is your fault or not, what you need is a professional company to defend your interests and protect your assets if a claim or a lawsuit is filed against your business. Having an insurance in place will help compensate for your loss and prevent the accidents from devastating your business. So you have to buy insurance to cover all the potential risks for trampoline parks. 

What Types of Insurance for Trampoline Park?

Consult some local insurance companies and get a customized liability insurance for your trampoline park. The most common type of policy is the general liability insurance, and there are also some other types of coverage like commercial property insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, etc. For example, you own or rent a building for your trampoline park, but unfortunately, a fire accident happens and ruins all the equipment and the building, it would be a deadly loss if you don’t have commercial property insurance. When doing the consulting, try to get as more information as possible and customize an insurance with broad coverage. By the way, you may find that many companies wont insure trampoline parks as they considered too risky. Don’t let it be the reason to neglect the insurance for your trampoline park. 


Tips To Prevent Litigation Against Trampoline Park

Buying insurance to protect your trampoline park from taking great loss from potential risks. It does not mean that we don’t need to take actions to prevent the potential accidents. On the contrary, you need to take all possible steps to protect the players from the injuries, which are the least we want to see in trampoline parks. The below are some important steps to prevent litigation against your trampoline park:


1) All who wants to jump must have a signed waiver. It’s a key step to remind the players of the potential risks, request them to obey the safety rules and protect the owner from unreasonable claims or lawsuits. 

2) Adhere to industry standard. Make sure the trampoline park equipment have valid quality certificate and comply with related standards. 

3) Try your best to emphasize safety rules in trampoline park. Make sure the players pay close attention during the safety briefing. Post pictures and videos of safety rules inside the park. Let coach and security supervise the park always ...


Sign Waiver for Trampoline Park

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In conclusion, building trampoline park is to let customers enjoy great fun time, injuries are not expected for both the owner and the players. As a trampoline park owner, we have to buy insurance for trampoline park to protect your interests. And more importantly, we also have to do all you can to prevent all possible risks. Insurance serves as a protection for your business, not an excuse to neglecting your responsibilities. 

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