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Digital Marketing Strategies for Successful Trampoline Park

Digital Marketing Strategies for Successful Trampoline Park

Nov 11,2021

Along with the development of technology, people’s purchase or consumption habits are changing as well. We are more likely to search online, purchase products or service online, share daily life online, etc. Therefore, no matter what business you are in, you should consider some digital marketing strategies. In this article, let’s talk about some digital marketing strategies we can take to run a successful trampoline park

Digital Marketing Strategies for Successful Trampoline Park

1.An Interactive Website

A website is like a virtual storefront, and a well-built, informative, easy-to-navigate website will make a good first impression on potential customers. To meet the customer purpose trend of self service, tickets sales and waiver signing should be an important part of your trampoline park website. Customers will love the simplicity and convenience of online book, and of course, it will also improve the efficiency of your park operation. Help your customer, help yourself, what a win-win strategy. 

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2.Website SEO to Increase Online Exposure

Local SEO is an important location-based marketing. Imagine you’re a customer who plan to find a trampoline park for fun, how would you probably do? I bet you would first google search ‘trampoline park near me’ or ‘trampoline park in {city name}’. Most of entertainment searches these days include the phrase ‘near me’. If your trampoline park website can always pop up in the top results of the first page of website searches, it will definitely help build up your brand awareness and attract more customers to your park. You can consult some local expert on website SEO on how to improve website search result ranking. Generally the basic strategies for good local SEO would include researching and optimizing keywords, claiming your google my business listing, etc. 

3.Social Media to Connect with Customers

According to some study, ninety percent of adults under 35 use social media regularly. Trampoline park is a place full of happiness and excitement, which means it’s very social media friendly. If you build great social media platforms, you can reach your potential customers directly. The contents you show to your customers are important. Today’s customers are all about ‘experience’, show them the real ‘fun’: photos or videos of what are happening in your trampoline park. Don’t forget to interact with your customers, your fast professional response and customers’ good reviews online will definitely leave great impression on potential customers, who may first think of your trampoline park when they plan a visit for fun. 

4.Good Reviews on Local Online Shopping Platform

Consider to join some local online shopping platform, like eleme, meituan in China, and Tripadvisor in America. These platforms offer merchants to offer products and retail services including entertainment, dining, delivery, travel and other services. There’s growing trend that people would turn to these shopping platforms when searching for food or entertainment. They would check the reviews first and then make the decision. So the reviews are very important, they may decide the future of your trampoline park, a successful or struggling trampoline park. Make sure you offer great service and inspire customers to leave good comments on the platforms.   

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