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7 Advantages of Starting a Trampoline Park

7 Advantages of Starting a Trampoline Park

Sep 6,2021

People are starting to realize the importance of healthy lifestyle and active entertainment activities. If you do some research, you may realize that one of the activities is becoming increasing popular, that is trampoline. Many people are seeing trampoline park as a great business opportunity as it is shown that starting a trampoline park has a number of advantages. 


1. Trampoline park: a new trend of healthy lifestyle

People are living under great press in modern life, and keeping a healthy lifestyle is important for everyone. Some people would choose to hit a gym regularly, or do sports games with friends like basketball, etc, while others would love to choose entertainment activities to keep themselves energetic and happy. 

Trampoline is a great alternative of exercise. According to some research, a 10 minute trampoline session can burn the same amount of fat as a 30 minute run, that's up to 1,000 calories an hour, thanks to its low impact nature. 


2. Trampoline park: a important part of entertainment industry

In the indoor entertainment industry, indoor soft play and family entertainment center were the main types of parks you see on the market, but in recent years, trampoline parks are increasingly occupying the market and turn to be a ‘surprise winner’ in the industry. Trampoline parks are not only catering to the needs of children and families, but also attract the large number of young people looking for healthy lifestyle and fun leisure time with friends. 

Trampoline park are now much more than just jumping on trampolines, they include a diversity of popular trampoline park and adventure attractions like climbing walls, interactive games, ropes course, roller glider, etc. The more becoming more of a trampoline-focused family entertainment center. This trend is one of the main reasons that trampoline parks are the fastest-growing park of the entertainment industry. 

3. Trampoline park: a leisure choice for families

People are having little spare time with families due to the fast-paced tempo of modern life, and a more serious problem is, what should you do to spend your spare time with your loved ones? Nowadays people tend to spend most of their time on screen, like browsing Tiktok, which is a problem should be seriously taken care of. A benefit of starting a trampoline park is, it offers a great activity that families can do together. Trampoline park is suitable for all generations, all ages, you are not too young or too old to enjoy great time on trampolines. 

Even if the parents don’t want to hit the trampolines, they still would love to accompany their children, as trampoline parks brings happiness and health to their children. They prefer their children to jumping freely on trampolines rather than spending time on smart phones. From this perspective, trampoline parks would be a great choice of investment opportunity, as people are looking for activities that have positive effects on children’s health. 


4. The trend of starting a trampoline park keep increasing

It’s important to seize a business opportunity in trend at a right time. As a saying goes, ‘even pigs can fly when placed against the wind.’ The trend is the ‘wind’ that can bring you success. From 2004 to the present, the number of trampoline parks in the United States has grown to over 800, and the situation is the same in China. Do some research in your country or city to check if there’s still the trend or possible opportunities of starting a trampoline park. Timing is important. Be the first to seize the trend in your country or city would definitely make your trampoline park a hit. 

5. It is highly profitable to start a trampoline park

It is true that the startup cost for starting a trampoline park is high, but it is also true that investors can comparatively expect a return on investment in a short period. Many factors would affect the time length, but as per our experience, our clients in China can expect a return on their investment within 6-12 months approximately on average, which is similar to the data according to the International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP). With the wide range of attractions and park programs, trampoline parks can bring people back again and again and the customer repetition will keep the revenue increasing. 


6. Start a trampoline park brings additional revenue

Starting a trampoline park is more than selling tickets for jumping on trampolines. Trampoline parks offer the possibility for a lot of related activities that will bring in additional profits. In trampoline park operation, you can launch programs like birthday parties, corporate team building event, holiday parties, fitness courses, etc. 

Trampoline parks are generally equipped with ancillary facilities like snack bars, restaurants, vendor machine, etc. Customers would love to to grab a bite or get some drinks after burning energy on trampolines. And for people waiting in rest area, they also need some snacks or drinks to entertain themselves for a good rest. The selling of snacks, drinks, etc is another important income for trampoline park. 


7. Trampoline parks allow for continual development or upgrade

One of the main features of a trampoline park is that it is a combination of various attractions and games. It is possible to modify or develop some parts of the elements to meet customers’ needs for more fun. And from period to period, you can consider to bring in more new attractions to replace some out-of-date or old ones. The possibility of continual upgrade can increase the customers repetition, which is the key to the success of running a trampoline park. 


In conclusions, with all the mentioned and unmentioned benefits, we believe that starting a trampoline park would be a good business opportunity. If you’re searching for new business opportunities, you can put trampoline park in your list and do some research to verify if it’s a good one in your market. 

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