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Why Investment in Trampoline Park is A Good Business Opportunity?

Why Investment in Trampoline Park is A Good Business Opportunity?

Aug 23,2021

The last six years have seen the popping up and then rapid growth of trampoline parks in China. Although trampoline parks have been existing for years in USA, the exceptional growth trend worldwide is in recent years. We can say for sure that investment in trampoline park is now one of the hottest, promising and profitable business opportunities in the entertainment industry. You may be wondering about what are the benefits of trampoline park investment, what draw people to catch the good business opportunity to invest in trampoline park. Let’s look at some  advantages or benefits of investing in trampoline park business:

Trampoline Park For Good Investment

1. A Wide Range of Target Customers for Trampoline Park Investment

The target customer of trampoline park are people of all ages, no matter it’s children, teenagers, young people or even elderly people in good health condition, they all can visit trampoline park and enjoy the great fun of free jumping. The wide range of target customers increases the chances of good customer flow, which is the key to a good trampoline park business. 

2. Trampoline Park: A Good Option for Family or Friends Gathering

Trampoline parks are a good activity option for family or friends gathering. Nowadays it’s difficult for parents and children to find an activity that they can share and enjoy happiness together. If you’re in an indoor soft play or indoor playground center, parents would rather choose to rest and enjoy a cup of coffee, as the games in the park are mostly for children only. But in trampoline parks, there’s no age limit and parents can play like children. And for young people, visiting a trampoline park is like a new trend for friends gathering. It’s a much healthier and happier way as they can burn their energy and release stress from life and work. 

3. A Good Capacity Makes Trampoline Park Investment Attractive

Trampoline parks allow for a good capacity for visitors. For example, a 11000 square feet (1021.9m2) can probably accommodate up to 150 players in one time period (generally one hour as a time period). If you run ten hours per day, it means up to 1500 tickets sold in one day. The capacity makes trampoline park investment a good option. 

4. Various Activities and Attractions for Trampoline Park Business

The revenue of trampoline parks come not only from the tickets for jumping on trampolines, but also some other activities like birthday parties, team-building events, special holiday events and so on. The diversity of activities make trampoline parks investment a very interesting business opportunity, as visitors will come back to your park enjoy fun for many times.  And the variety of popular trampoline park attractions prevent players from getting bored and keep them play as long as possible. 

5. Additional Revenue Makes Trampoline Park Investment Profitable

Additional revenue come from ancillary facilities in trampoline park, like snack bars, restaurant, rest area, vendor machine, etc. Players will need to grab a bite or get some drinks after so much energy burned out. And for people take a rest and wait in rest area, they also need some snacks or drinks to entertain themselves for a good rest. The ancillary facilities are a great opportunity to increase revenue and thus make trampoline park investment a profitable business opportunity. 


You may find some more factors that make trampoline park a good business opportunity to invest in and you probably cannot wait to jump into the business when you see many other people are also showing interest, but we will have to say that all the advantages or benefits don’t mean there’s no risk of business failure. It’s a good start that you’ve got the sharp eyes to see a good business opportunity, what you do next are very important to a successful trampoline park investment. Do some market research and look for a suitable trampoline park location before your decision of trampoline park investment. Of course, timing is very important, take action right away after your decision. 

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