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How to Do Market Research Before Investing a Trampoline Park?

How to Do Market Research Before Investing a Trampoline Park?

Nov 9,2021

If trampoline park investors want to make the investment return quickly, the first thing is market research and analysis. Only by mastering the entire market and understanding the market conditions and making complete preparations can they be successful in future operations. So what are the considerations for the preliminary market research of trampoline park, and how to carry out the market research?


Considerations of Trampoline Park Market Research

1. Whether there are competitors in the business area.

2. Market demand and potential consumer groups (population, development level, economic income level, consumption power, etc.).

3. Industry trends in the business area (from cultural and sports categories, amusement parks, etc., such as badminton halls, commercial areas, gyms), understand the overall operating conditions and risk conditions of the area, and analyze the development potential. And understand the flow of other competitors' factors, analyze their own advantages and make a differentiated competition model. Remember, do NOT follow the trend blindly!

How to Do Market Research for Trampoline Park?

1. Seek expert advice

Investors in trampoline parks must seek some related experts to understand relevant guidance when doing relevant market research and analysis, and through expert guidance, they can better help themselves with market analysis.

2. Field research on trampoline park

With the popularity of trampoline parks in recent years, there are more and more trampoline parks on the market. Therefore, specific market research should be conducted according to the investment direction of oneself. Field inspections, such as pocket house amusement.

3. Trampoline Park Questionnaire Survey

To understand the thoughts of many consumers on trampoline parks, you can set up targeted questionnaires, you can submit questionnaires online, or you can do offline paper questionnaires with passers-by on the street.

Questionnaire key question: If you want to choose a trampoline park, what are the most important factors?

For example: safety of trampoline park equipment, diversified trampoline park entertainment facilities, professional service staff, high visibility, high network ranking, high cost performance, good surrounding environment and close distance, etc. Arrangements can be made based on the results of the questionnaire survey.

4. Research on Trampoline Park Competitors

The fundamental goal of competition research is to find out the status of competitors through all available information.

The status includes: product and price strategy, channel strategy, marketing (sales) strategy, competition strategy, R&D strategy, financial status and human resources, etc., find out its strength and weaknesses, help formulate appropriate strategies, and expand future market share;

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