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Why Visitors Have to Sign Liability Waiver Before Jumping In Trampoline Park?

Why Visitors Have to Sign Liability Waiver Before Jumping In Trampoline Park?

Oct 30,2021

When visiting a trampoline park, customers will only be allowed to enter the arena if they have signed the waiver and have purchased a pair of trampoline socks. Why trampoline parks would require visitors to sign the waiver? Here’s everything you need to know about signing waiver and why it is necessary for adults and children. 

What is Trampoline Park Liability Waiver?

A waiver is a legal document which is also known as a liability waiver or a release of liability. It is an agreement between two parties to waive a legal claim. Generally people would be asked to sign a waiver before participating in any physical or high-risk activity, for example, you should be required to sign a waiver before taking part in an organized marathon. The trampoline park waiver is designed to make sure all the visitors are aware of the potential risks of trampoline park and should not hold the park owner responsible for any injuries due to any not-obeying-rules behaviors. 

Why Trampoline Parks Require Singing The Waiver?

Safety should always be the top priority for all trampoline parks, which is why the waivers must be required. The trampoline park owners expect the players to enjoy themselves in their park, not end up in the hospital. The waivers can serve as a reminder for both players and operators, reminding players to obey all the rules in trampoline park and reminding operators to do regular inspection to ensure equipment safety. You will find most trampoline park injuries are caused by players’ misuse of the equipment. By signing the waiver, the visitors will be much more aware of the potential risks, thus pay much more attention while watching the safety video and keep the rules at heart during the jumping. Of course the waiver will protect the trampoline park owners from unnecessary claims, however it cannot excuse an injury caused by park operator’s gross negligence or equipment damage. So trampoline park owners should always take safety very seriously and do all possible precautions to prevent any possible risks. 

Do Children Need to Sign The Waiver?

Yes, every player jumping in the park needs a separate waiver. Children under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by the parents or legal guardian. The parents or legal guardian also have the responsibility to remind children of the possible risks and ask them to obey the rules. 

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