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Why Players Have to Wear Trampoline Socks In Trampoline Parks?

Why Players Have to Wear Trampoline Socks In Trampoline Parks?

Oct 22,2021

When you are visiting a trampoline park, you probably will be required to buy a pair of trampoline socks as well while purchasing the ticket. Why do trampoline parks make you buy socks? Or why players have to wear trampoline socks during the play in trampoline parks? In this article let’s learn more information about trampoline socks. 

What is Special About Trampoline Socks?

Trampoline socks also known as grip or non-slip socks are socks that are specially made for trampoline use. They are made from stretchy materials and have anti-slip rubber designs on the bottom which are intended to increase friction between feet and the ground or mats. While you are jumping, the socks can protect your feet by preventing you from slipping on smooth surface. 

Because the normal socks do not have the anti-slip rubber designs, there would be risks of slipping and fall down on the trampolines. If you don’t have trampoline socks, bare feet would be even comparatively safer than normal socks. 

Why Players Have to Wear Trampoline Socks?

As mentioned above, the key reason to wear trampoline socks is to ensure the safety of players. With the trampoline socks, jumpers will not slip, fall and hurt themselves. Safety should always the priority for any entertainment. The socks are cheap, it is a good idea to have players protected with another layer of safety gear. 

The other important reason is about hygiene, simply put, to prevent the spread of diseases. Bare feet on communal trampolines can easily transmit bacteria or viruses. And not just athlete’s foot but other issues can be spread through communal activities. If you are wearing trampoline socks, you dramatically reduce the ricks of being infected by bacteria. 

Last but not least, the trampoline socks can keep all the trampoline mats and other facilities and clean and durable, which would be very helpful for the maintenance of trampoline parks. 

Why Trampoline Parks Make You Buy Grip Socks?

Customers may have feelings of aversion when they are forced to buy something. They may think that trampoline parks are only doing it to increase the revenue. Yes, the trampoline socks indeed help increase trampoline park revenue, however the profit from the sales is minimal. If it’s not for the safety and hygiene consideration, they would probably not do it to cause the antipathy. The trampoline park owners want the players to enjoy themselves in their park, not end up in the hospital. A little more understanding between customers and park owners will make the trampoline parks a truly fun and safe space.

Last tip for you, actually many trampoline parks would advise customers to clean and reuse their trampoline socks after their play. It’s a very good idea, cost-saving and environmentally friendly.  

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