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How to Include Attractions in Your Trampoline Park?

How to Include Attractions in Your Trampoline Park?

Oct 6,2021

As you can find, trampoline parks are no long just a combination of pure trampoline mats, but more of a complex park with a diversity of trampoline park attractions, both trampoline-related and non-trampoline. How can you included different attractions in your trampoline park to create unique experience for your customers?

Pokiddo Trampoline Park Attractions Layout

Factors to consider for including different trampoline park attractions

When you’re planning a trampoline park design, there are no specific requirements about where a certain attraction should be placed. But you should always take into consideration the following factors. 

1)Target customer

2)The entrances and exits

3)The height of the ceiling

4)The size of the building

5)The best utilization of the space

6)The obstacles, pillars or walls in the building

7)The ventilation system


Attraction placement advice for some classic attractions in trampoline park

1.The main court

The main court, also known as the free jump zone, is the central part of each trampoline park. In the past, the main court was the whole park as trampoline park was just a combination of trampoline mats for free jumping. Now the main court serves as the core of the capacity for a trampoline park due to its comparatively large space in the park. 

2.The dodgeball zone

The dodgeball area is a space with angled and flat trampoline, and is surrounded by netting to prevent balls flying outside. It should be placed along the wall sides or even corners of the park as its angled trampoline and netting may obscure the view of the whole park. So when you’re planning to lay the dodgeball zone, consider the area where visitors’ sight cannot be blocked. A good view of the whole park when visitors come into the park can bring them a vivid experience of how fun it would be to play inside. 

3.The foam pit zone

Everyone loves foam pit!! Foam pit zone can be the most popular attraction in trampoline park. It’s a large pit with foam cubes or airbag where you can enjoy a soft landing when jumping into it. Foam pit is the best area for you to test your wildest tricks.

Generally the Foam pit is combined with a few trampoline mats for free diving. However, along with the development of more and more fun attractions or functions, it can be combined with elements like battle beams, slacklines, swing bridge, climbing walls, etc that allow you to either jump into or over the foam.

4.High performance trampoline

High performance trampoline, also known as professional trampoline, is a challenging trampoline park attraction for professional experienced jumpers. It has special jump sheets and springs that allow the jumpers to jump much higher than normal trampoline mat. The height requirement for high performance trampoline should be 6.2m minimum, which is important when you consider which area to place it. It can be a stand-alone attraction, but in most situation it is placed with ‘walls’ as professionals can do the trick of ‘wall walking.’ so high performance trampoline is normally place somewhere on the sides of the park. 

5.The ninja course

The ninja course can be a stand-alone attraction set on the ground, or combined into the trampoline park area where you can set foam pit or airbag under the ninja elements. Generally it can be placed anywhere in the park as its structure will not block the sight completely. Of course if you plan for a very good view, you can consider to place it by the sides of the park. Ninja course has a diversity of obstacles, which encourage players to climb, hang, swing, etc and can test their speed, balance, agility and strength. You can also consider to install a timer to challenge players to complete against each other. 

Consult professional trampoline park manufacturer for customized design

You can always leave professional matters to professional people.  Rememeber to consult professional trampoline park manufacturer for a customized design proposal for your trampoline park.  A reliable manufacturer or partner will advise and help you with design and engineering, installation, global support and maintenance, delivery of spare parts and consulting.

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