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How to Maximize the Value of Rest Area in Trampoline Park/Indoor Playground?

How to Maximize the Value of Rest Area in Trampoline Park/Indoor Playground?

Jul 7,2021

The rest area is an indispensable part of trampoline park or indoor children's playground, and it is also an important part that best reflects the culture of the park. Customers who want to know the style of the park can know a little bit from the rest area. In fact, the customer rest area is still an important marketing position for children's parks, which is often overlooked by most park operators.

In the rest area, customers can take a break while drinking coffee or tea, while watching the latest promotion information, while thinking about and waiting for the children playing. If the marketing is in place at this time, not only can it improve customer satisfaction, but it can also enable customers to successfully make appointments for the next time they visit the park and consumption items, and become "loyal fans" of the park. Therefore, it is very important to create a good atmosphere in the customer rest area and create a marketing atmosphere that can attract prospective customers, grasp existing customers, and maintain old customers. So, how can you create a rest area with a high-quality atmosphere and maximize its value? Below we will provide you with ways to create a high-value rest area from the four aspects of visual, auditory, tactile and olfactory.

indoor children's playground rest area

1. Maximize the Value of Rest Area from Visual Aspect

The overall shape, structure and color of the rest area need to be arranged and designed, and artistic treatment is carried out to form a bright theme effect. The layout and promotional materials of the rest area, such as spray painting, creative guide signs, creative floor stickers, door headers, banners, bouquets, bonsai, hanging flags, ribbons, roll-up banners, KT boards, desk cards, atmosphere bars, price stickers The choice of color is very important. In summer, cool and refreshing colors should be used as the base tone, and in winter, warm colors should be used as the base tone. If you want to highlight the activity discount, you can consider using red as the base tone. If you want to give people a novel feeling Consider light blue. Attention should be paid to the layout effect of the site: Is there an active line to attract customers to purchase the plan? Is there an active line to allow customers to recognize the event? Is it complementary to the main image of the park?

2. Maximize the Value of Rest Area from Auditory Aspect

1). Music

The music in the rest area should be warm and soothing, allowing customers to have a sense of relaxation after sitting down. It is best to choose light music as the main music to give customers an elegant resting environment.

2). Communication and exchange

Communication is one of the most important means to narrow the psychological distance with customers. Enthusiasm, politeness, professionalism and empathy. Customers actually do not want to buy cheap consumption, but would pay attention to preferential treatment. Therefore, in the process of communication to introduce promotion, you could highlight how much money can be saved for customers.

Maximize the Value of Rest Area by Marketing

3.Maximize the Value of Rest Area from Tactile Aspect

In the rest area, customers directly contact with leaflets, promotional bags, small gifts, sweets, and water cups, tables, and chairs for customers. For these items that customers can directly touch, it is necessary to provide customers with a comfortable, hygienic, and pleasant feeling. This requires the following points: Is the rest area ventilated? Are there cigarette butts, confetti, candy peels on the ground? Have the drinking glasses, tables and chairs been wiped clean? and many more.

4.Maximize the Value of Rest Area from Olfactory Aspect

According to survey statistics, 75% of human emotions are produced by the sense of smell.  Every time we breathe, we encounter various smells in the air. Therefore, whether it is the rest area or the play area, the freshness of the air is particularly important. If someone smokes or eats food with a strong peculiar smell, the restroom is not cleaned up in time, and the staff does not deal with the peculiar smell of personal hygiene in time, it will affect whether customers are willing to stay in the rest area and the venue.

To attract and retain more customers, trampoline parks/indoor children's playgrounds must pay attention to the above four aspects. An clean and comfortable environment and pleasant atmosphere would not only help to increase park revenue, but also make your marketing easier. 

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