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Trampoline Park - A New Trend for Team Building

Trampoline Park - A New Trend for Team Building

Sep 28,2021

Team building is one of the best strategies to enhance group cohesion. When you are searching for a new place for your next team building event, you can consider trampoline park, which has been a new trend for this type of event. Customized team building activities in trampoline park can help improve trust, creativity and communication within the team. Trampoline park is a venue where people of any ages can enjoy a great time in the variety of activities. 

Alibaba Team Building in Pokiddo Trampoline Park

1. Pros of holding team building in trampoline park

1). Trampoline park brings a brand new experience of team building

When it comes to team building, you probably come up with a bunch of traditional boring activities, maybe some small games in the office, or a group of people enjoy a meal in a restaurant, or a short weekend trip, etc. I bet that trampoline park should not on the list of your choices. The truth is trampoline park is a great idea of holding team building as it provides a number of interesting elements for people to enjoy fun together. They can compete friendly, play together, and share an unforgettable memory. Especially for adults, it’s like a happy moment back to childhood. Trampoline park could bring a brand new, creative experience, which is important to a successful team building event.  

2). Physical activities in trampoline park boosts health and creativity

Jumping in trampoline park is an amazing cardio exercise that bring a number of physical benefits, like better heart health, boost in metabolism, fight against obesity, improve leg strength, improve coordination, etc. During the physical activities, the brains will release endorphins which will make people happy. And when people are in a playful state, their minds are free to think creatively and focus better, thus their problem solving abilities will be improved. How can you reject a team building event that can bring health and creativity?

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3). Play in trampoline park boosts positive relationships

Team building in trampoline park creates a good chance to play. Play is in the nature of people and play helps to develop positive relationships. As you may know, when children are playing games together, they are also learning friendship, trust, compassion and cooperation. The same happens for adults. Playing in a trampoline park is an excellent way to build internal cohesion within a group. Through the activities, they can get better at communication and problem solving. 

Team building activity in Pokiddo Trampoline Park

2. Team building activities in trampoline park

When planning team building activities, one good strategy is, first list all the attractions in your trampoline park and all the fun traditional games, second start brainstorming about how to combine the games into trampoline park. The below are some team building activities in Pokiddo trampoline parks for your reference. 

Pokiddo Trampoline Park Team Building Activity

1)Dodgeball fight game - most classic activity. divide into two teams in the dodgeball zone, team members work out a good strategy on how to take out their opponents. 

2)Scavenger hunt - the organizer prepare a list of items or tasks, all the teams seek to gather all the items or complete tasks. The tasks can be some hilarious ideas that enhance teamwork and bring good memories. 

3)Name tag ripping game - players use velcro and stick their name tags to their backs. Teams work together to avoid the opposing teams from ripping their name tags. 

4)Bubble ball fight - players wear the bubble ball, try to knock your opponent down. The game goes to the next level when you are playing in trampoline park. 

5)Climbing wall daredevils – Challenge each other to a race up the wall. Work as a team by timing the climbs to the top by team members. Whichever team has the lowest overall time wins!


Keep brainstorming, you can think outside box and come up with a bunch of creative team building activities in trampoline park. 

Trampoline Park Team Building Bubble Ball Fight

If you’re a owner of a trampoline park, include team building into your park programs. Trampoline park team building as a new trend will surely help grow your park business. 

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