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What Location is Best for Building Trampoline Park?

What Location is Best for Building Trampoline Park?

Update Time:2023/6/16

To find the best location for building your trampoline park, you should first research the target market need for trampoline park. In other words, you should find a place with a good demography but few or no competition. Competition may be fierce in some cities where you find numerous trampoline park already exist, it would cost you lots of money and energy to stand out from competition. Also you may find some cities still don’t have any trampoline park, which would be a perfect opportunity for those planning to enter the business. 

Trampoline Park

You should also consider the special requirements for trampoline park building, as you know trampoline parks require a large open space with a high clear ceiling for jumpers to jump freely. So you can consider properties with high ceiling, like industrial building, sports hall, shopping malls, etc. 

The surroundings of a trampoline park are also important for a good location. Make sure there are enough parking space around to ensure good accessibility to your park. It would be great if your park is near businesses like shopping malls. Parents would love to go shopping, enjoy good meal and have fun with kids in the same location. 

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