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How to Install a Trampoline Park Step by Step?

How to Install a Trampoline Park Step by Step?

May 7,2022
The installation or assembly of trampoline park could be taken as the last phase of literally building up a trampoline park and an important good start of running a trampoline park. Let’s dig in the steps of trampoline park installation. 

Before getting started with installation, you will need to make sure about two things, first all the park equipment are already shipped to your location and ready for installation, second the installation engineers/installers could fly to your site in time and you’ve hired helpers to assist your engineers. The below we will explain you how a trampoline park is installed step by step. 

To Install a Trampoline Park Step 1: frame installation of all modules

Frame structure is the base of trampoline park. The installation engineers will start with assembling the steel frames according to the technical drawings. Generally the engineers will start to do the assembly in one of the corner, then along the walls and stretch to the whole site. The engineers will take care of the difficult parts personally and teach helpers to do simple areas like free jump trampoline structure. 

Trampoline Park Frame Installation

To Install a Trampoline Park Step 2: Step two, passage and walls installation

Once the metal structures have been set up and fixed securely, the engineers will start to using plywood to build passage and walls for climbing or high performance trampoline. With the passage and walls finished, the big structure part is ready and you will see the basic prototype of the trampoline park. 

Trampoline Park Passage and Wall Installation

To Install a Trampoline Park Step 3: install springs and jump mats

Here comes the important part of connect the jumping mats to the jump area structure with the springs. The jump mats are the most frequently used elements in a trampoline park. To ensure durability, engineers should take well care of the mats during installation phase, making sure no sharp objects allowed. 

Trampoline Park Jump Mats Installation

To Install a Trampoline Park Step 4: Step four, installation of soft pads and safety nets

When the jump mats are installed, you will see the gap surrounding the mat where springs are fixed. To ensure jumpers safety, engineers will attach soft pads around jump mats. Also in the areas without walls as the enclosure, there should be safety nets enclosure to prevent jumpers from falling down. Safety should always be the priority for a trampoline park, you will make sure there would be no potential risks of danger in the installation phase. 

Trampoline Park Soft Pads Installaton

To Install a Trampoline Park Step 5: installation of other elements in the park

Not like ten years ago when a trampoline park is equipped with all jumping related areas, now a trampoline park is more of like a entertainment park with trampoline as the main zone and many other games and elements to increase the competitiveness, like velcro wall, interactive tap fun, etc. 

The above are the basic steps for a trampoline park setting up, there would be some small differences according to the attractions included in the park. To build a high quality trampoline park, you will need not only high quality equipment supply but also a good installation to ensure the durability of the park and safety of the jumpers. So it would be very important for you to choosing a top-quality trampoline park manufacturer offering high quality turn-key service of design, manufacture, transport and installation.

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