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What Preparation Should Children's Playground do before Major Holidays?

What Preparation Should Children's Playground do before Major Holidays?

Jul 10,2021

The advent of major holidays is a good opportunity for children to relax and entertain. For investors who join the children's park, it is like a grand event. In order to make the children's park holiday activities smooth and achieve the expected results, we will carefully arrange and prepare So, what preparations need to be made for the children's playground?

Children's Playground Holiday Activity

1. Ensure that the children's playground is clean and tidy

The cleanliness of the children's playground is the most intuitive impression that can bring to the customers, and it also directly affects the children's play experience. If the environment of a children's playground is dirty and messy, how can parents rest assured to let their children go in and play? Major holidays are the golden period of sales that all major children's parks are scrambling to capture. The competition in the same industry will be more intense; Therefore, before major holidays, the staff of the park should do a good job in the cleaning and sanitation of the park, clean and disinfect all amusement equipment to create a clean and tidy amusement environment for the children. Only by leaving a good impression on customers can you lay a good foundation for off-season operations.

Children's Playground Cleaning (1)

2. Ensure the safety of equipment in the children's playground

Whether the amusement equipment can operate safely will directly affect the customer's entertainment experience and personal safety. Before major holidays, a thorough safety inspection must be conducted on all amusement equipment to ensure the normal function. The passenger flow of venues during holidays will definitely be much more than usual, which means all the facilities are under full-time operation, any small mistakes may escalate into a safety accident. 

3. Do a good job in the fire safety inspection of the children's playground

Some children’s playground may neglect the inspection of fire safety. As inside the children’s playground are mostly kids who lack sufficient self-protection, the difficulty of self-rescue escape will be increased in the event of a fire accident, therefore operators must conduct fire safety inspections.

1) Thorough inspection of electrical equipment and circuits to ensure that all electrical equipment can operate normally, and there is no circuit aging or damage.

2) Ensure that all fire exits are unblocked and free of obstacles.

3) Confirm that all fire-fighting facilities such as fire extinguishers, and fire-fighting signs can be used normally.

4.The staff training of the children's playground should be adequately prepared

Children's playgrounds on holidays are easily overcrowded, and the operation of the playground must be orderly. It is very necessary to appropriately increase the number of staff. In addition to ensuring that the staff is sufficient, the staff should also be trained in advance on the duties of the children's playground. Staff with clear responsibilities can not only operate the entire park in an orderly manner, but also ensure that children and parents are provided with better services. This plays an important role in establishing a good reputation in the park and maintaining customer loyalty.

Children's Playground Cleaning (2)

In addition to these, the park’s activity publicity work, preferential policies, and the update of amusement equipment are all indispensable. Holidays are a good time for the park to attract new customers. Park operators should not miss the good opportunities for better park revenue and brand awareness.

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