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Fitness Classes in Trampoline Parks to Increase Repeat Visitors

Fitness Classes in Trampoline Parks to Increase Repeat Visitors

Oct 23,2021

As more and more people realize the importance of a healthy lifestyle, fitness classes in gyms are gaining popularity, especially in those first or second tier cities where most adults are experiencing high stress work life. Actually fitness classes don’t have to be confined to spaces like gyms or fitness clubs. Trampoline park owners can consider to include the idea into their parks. And it turns out to be a great strategy to transition trampoline parks from a one-time novel experience into a repeat model business. 

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1.Trampolines Turn Out to Be the Best Fitness Exercise

As you may know, a NASA study found that 10 minutes of jumping on trampolines is the equivalent of a 30 minutes running. And due to its low impact nature, you are less likely to injure yourself and it provides relief to your joints. Jumping on trampolines can be a very effective physical activity suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Therefore, trampoline-based fitness classes would make workout more efficient and fun. Trampoline parks could be a great alternative for fitness classes other than gyms. 

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2.Plan Boutique Fitness Classes in Trampoline Park

With the dynamic structure and equipment available at trampoline parks, you can offer various boutique unique fitness classes to attractive different demographics. Find some elite instructors to upgrade the classes and make the workout on trampolines more professional, which will alter the image of your trampoline park to a full-scale boutique fitness club as well as an attractive entertainment park. Offering these boutique fitness classes can bring more inherent value to your trampoline park as they can attract consistent repeat customers. And what’s more? Fitness classes in weekdays (low crowd days) can keep the park attendance at higher capacity. 

3.Utilize the Trampoline Park to Refine Children Physical Classes

Trampoline parks can also be a great facility option for children physical or fitness classes. You can upgrade the fun of the traditional sports games like basketball, football and dodgeball in trampoline parks. And today’s trampoline parks include many playground favorites like balance beams, monkey bars, rock climbing walls etc. So the instructors can make unique regular classes structured around these equipment. The best part of it is, fitness classes in trampoline parks can not only bring great workout to children, but also incorporate a socialization element for children.

Fitness classes in trampoline park cannot not only make the best use of the trampolines’ workout feature but also turn more one-time visitors to repeat ones to increase the trampoline park revenue. If you’re looking for some strategy to upgrade your park service, fitness classes can be a great idea to consider. 

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