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Why Indoor Amusement Park is Important to Commercial Complexes?

Why Indoor Amusement Park is Important to Commercial Complexes?

Jul 9,2021

Indoor amusement parks have gradually become an important part of the integrated commercial body. You will find that more and more shopping malls are taking the initiative to find some excellent park brands and invite them to enter their malls.

Commercial Complexes Indoor Amusement Park

1. Commercial complexes welcome indoor amusement park project

Compared with the previous shopping malls, today's malls are developing towards a commercial complex integrating entertainment, leisure, shopping and other services. The development of commercial complex has been quite mature, moving towards subdivision and thematic development. Entertainment has now become an important role that brings related huge economic benefits! 

Commercial Complexes Indoor Amusement Park(1)

2. Emerging business formats, sunrise industries, and large markets

The entry of emerging formats has freed shopping malls from a single and homogeneous shopping experience, greatly increased consumers' consumption experience and consumption stickiness, and increased the shopping mall's revenue. More importantly, these "new genes" in shopping malls have turned many original "niche games" of professionals into mass consumer products that everyone can experience. The background of differentiated consumer groups has made individual values infinitely magnified. Modern entertainment has evolved from “one-way” satisfaction to providing interactive pleasure in “participation”. Let the personality be full of release has become the mainstream trend of entertainment. People's consumption concepts in modern society are more fashionable and avant-garde than in the past, and the requirements for entertainment venues favor the all-round integrated service model of eating, drinking, playing and shopping. Therefore, the organic integration of entertainment with retail and catering is the development trend of commercial complexes in the new era. After all, customers generally hope to obtain a higher level of enjoyment, and the organic combination of different formats is the kingly way. In the era when the sports and entertainment industry has gradually become an international emerging industry, Pokiddo Amusement, as a professional indoor park franchise brand, will continue to move towards the goal of becoming a pioneer of sports amusement in China!

3. Policies to expand domestic demand and rapid growth in leisure and entertainment consumption

The amusement equipment itself is constantly innovating and designing various new play methods to promote the popularization of trampoline. People's living standards are improving day by day, and people's demand for fun and leisure sports is also increasing. The project consumer audience is very wide. Whether it is young people pursuing fashion, stable elderly, or innocent and lively children, you can find suitable projects in the indoor park. Many indoor park investors seize this huge business opportunity to enter the market and realize investment profits

4. Demands of the market (potential customers)

If the general public think that the specialized sports that are too professional are obviously too "hardcore", then the indoor park must be suitable for you. Cultivate interest in games, get in touch with physical exercises in a relaxed way, and gradually form a healthy lifestyle. What is more important here is the playing experience of the citizens. Only with the fun and sense of acquisition, can it be easier to like this sport and persevere.

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