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The Development Trend Of The Amusement Industry In The Era Of Commercial Complexes

The Development Trend Of The Amusement Industry In The Era Of Commercial Complexes

Oct 14,2021

Modern Chinese society is making great strides in the direction of urbanization. With the development of urban economy and social progress, people's demand for amusement or leisure is also increasing. Under this new situation, the upgrading of traditional amusement models is imperative. How to rely on the commercial complex to carry out the amusement industry layout has become the focus of the times, so what are the characteristics of the new commercial amusement era?

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1. Trendy amusement drives consumer flow

First of all, it must be clear that while satisfying the material and spiritual enjoyment of the masses, the new commercial amusement built on the basis of urbanization should also be able to bring customers a refreshing experience, so that the masses will be satisfied with the service they get. Attract more people to come to consume and form a virtuous circle. Breaking the traditional layout plan can have an immediate effect, and novel amusement projects and marketing methods can often create a good image.

2. Organic integration of retail, catering and amusement

As the name suggests, the commercial complex combines the physical service industries in different fields with commerce as a link, and by extending commercial coverage, it can better attract different groups of people to consume and inject new vitality into the market. People's consumption concepts in modern society are more fashionable and avant-garde than in the past, and they favor the all-round integrated service model of eating, drinking, playing and shopping for the requirements of amusement parks. Therefore, the organic combination of amusement, retail and catering is the development trend of commercial complexes in the new era.

3. Complementary design as per customer experience

In the final analysis, amusement serves customers. Therefore, how to attract customers to spend for a long time has become the most important thing. Commercial complexes should take into account customer spending power and habits for reasonable layout planning, especially in the off-season, need to pay attention to related business operations. Under the guidance of the new concept, the integration of catering and entertainment to increase the flow of people for the core business, and the maintenance and increase of passenger flow through corresponding marketing methods at different stages are a major feature of the new era of commercial amusement.

Amusement experience exists in every commercial complex. Under the background that people are more pursuing experiential consumption in the new era, creating novel shopping, amusement, interactive, and consumer experience complexes has become a new development trend. 

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