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2019 China Indoor Amusement Park Operation Conference - Trampoline Park Sub-forum

2019 China Indoor Amusement Park Operation Conference - Trampoline Park Sub-forum

May 6,2019

The "2019 China Indoor Amusement  Park Operation Conference - Trampoline Park Sub-forum" hosted by Pokiddo will be held on May 8th, 2019 at the Guangzhou Changlong Hotel. We sincerely invite you to the meeting!

 In recent years, the trampoline park has developed rapidly in the country and has become a hot investment in the field of indoor sports and recreation. It has been favored by the majority of Chinese people. Even so, in our survey, we found that there are still many venues in the market that are still at a loss. How to choose a location, how to choose a service provider, how to plan design, how to operate, how to do activities, how to market, etc. are the key factors for the profitability of the trampoline. At the same time, how to easily build and operate at peace is also very important for trampoline park practitioners. issue concerned.

With the above questions, this trampoline park forum will invite the chairman of Korea HERO Group, TÜV Rheinland experts in the field, and the elite of the famous trampoline park to analyze the development trend of the trampoline park, invest in the trampoline park, brand construction and operation. Management and venue safety standards for topic sharing and discussion.

Let us gather in Guangzhou,

Explore the development trend of trampoline parks,

Share the experience of trampoline park operations,

Promote the sustainable and healthy development of the industry,

Building a beautiful blueprint for the Chinese trampoline park industry together!

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