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What is the Minimum Building Size I Should Consider for A Trampoline Park?

What is the Minimum Building Size I Should Consider for A Trampoline Park?

Update Time:2021/9/7

We recommend the building size for trampoline park to be between 11000 square feet (1021.9m2) and 35000 square feet(3251.6m2).  As for the minimum size, if you're only planning to build a small jumping space, it can be down to 1000 square feet(92.9m2).  What factors will affect your choice of the building size for trampoline park?

1. The specific requirements for trampoline park building space

The clear height of building for trampoline park should be 5.2m minimum and the space should be with few pillars (pillars will affect the space utility). The height requirement will increase your challenge of finding a suitable building with your target size.

2. You target location for your trampoline park business

The location will affect the building size you can find. For example, if you plan to build your trampoline park in a shopping mall, it would be difficult to find a builidng space up to 35000 square feet(3251.6m2) in a shopping mall. 

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3.  Ancillary facilities to consider in your trampoline park building

Trampoline parks are designed based on the available space size of your building, and you need to consider ancillary facilities like washing room, catering area, seating area, etc. which would take about 30-40% of the available space. 

4. Your attractions or games preference for your trampoline park

If you have a list of trampoline park attractions or games you want to include in your park, you would need a specific size of building to fit all the attractions. 

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