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Trampoline park marketing and operation methods

Trampoline park marketing and operation methods

Dec 21,2023
    There are many benefits to building a trampoline park in a shopping mall, which can be divided into two main aspects. On the one hand, it can provide children with a play environment that is not affected by the weather and relieve the burden on parents; on the other hand, it can bring popularity to shopping malls and promote the development of related businesses. So, how should a trampoline park carry out effective trampoline park marketing to let the public know about itself? What marketing channels are more effective for trampoline parks?

1. Trampoline park advertising and marketing

There are many media for advertising and marketing. Trampoline park investors can choose newspapers and periodicals (in your city) that require advertising fees, or they can print and distribute promotional leaflets themselves, and choose to advertise in communities, parks, kindergartens andamusement parks.

2. Trampoline park experiential marketing

 In the early years, due to the limited resources at people's disposal, when it came to consumption, they often focused on "rational consumption" and focused on cost-effectiveness. But with the increase in people's income and the great abundance of material standards, people have more and more choices. People's consumption concepts have also quietly changed, and the necessity of consumption is no longer emphasized. From "rational consumption" to "emotional consumption", people's consumption concepts have undergone earth-shaking changes.

As our trampoline hall grows, we're exploring new ideas for our operation and management. One of those concepts is experiential marketing. It requires our staff to engage with customers on a deeper level, sharing the values and culture of our trampoline hall to ensure that customers leave feeling satisfied. This approach to marketing goes beyond merely selling a product. It's about offering a unique experience that resonates with customers, such as discounted tickets for children, designed to ignite a love for our facility and encourage repeat visits.

3. Trampoline hall membership card promotion

Moreover, we are considering offering a membership card with rewards and discounts to frequent visitors to promote brand loyalty and edge out our competitors.

4. Trampoline Park Festival Event Marketing

Organizing holiday events and promotions offers another option for promoting our venue. These events generate excitement for our facility and create unforgettable experiences that customers are eager to relive.

5. Trampoline park cooperative marketing

Lastly, we are exploring partnerships with similar businesses in our local area as a resource-sharing strategy to reach a broader audience. Working together with kindergartens and children's product merchants can unlock new opportunities for growth.

We're confident that these initiatives will foster differentiation, attract more customers, and help us maintain our position as the premier trampoline hall.

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