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Sponge Blocks —— One of Children's Favorite Activities for Team Building

Sponge Blocks —— One of Children's Favorite Activities for Team Building

Dec 20,2023

Sponges Blocks —— One of Children's Favorite Activities for Team Building 

Trampoline parks offer a range of fun and exciting activities suitable for team building, and sponge blocks are a versatile and often overlooked piece of equipment. Professional trampoline manufacturer, Pokiddo, introduces innovative ways of using sponge blocks that cater to both children and adults.

1. These games include free-form sponges block pattern competitions and stacking games.

2. Moving sponges involves dividing participants into groups and moving sponges from starting areas to adjacent sponge pools. The group that places the most trampolines wins.

3. Sponge carrier groups consist of small teams of two members carrying sponges to designated areas, with the team with the most sponges within the specified time declared the winner.

 In conclusion, there are a variety of fun activities to explore at the trampoline park, including the versatile sponge block games.

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