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What are the advantages of joining a trampoline park brand?

What are the advantages of joining a trampoline park brand?

Dec 20,2023
What are the advantages of joining a trampoline park brand?

Trampoline parks have gained immense popularity in recent times, and investors who entered the market early have reaped the benefits of this "catapult start." As a result, many more investors are now considering investing in trampoline parks. However, starting a trampoline park requires careful planning, and it can be time-consuming for those without experience in this area. Therefore, a wise decision for investors would be to join a professional trampoline manufacturer, such as Pokiddo, and benefit from their expertise. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of joining a trampoline park brand and the importance of doing so.

1. Analysis of investment costs for opening a trampoline park
Some investors may think that joining a trampoline park brand can increase their investment costs compared to running their own business and purchasing amusement equipment. However, this is not the case in reality. Investing in a trampoline park brand like bettaply brings higher-quality services and long-term benefits, such as the right to use the brand's logo and posters, operational and management suggestions, and free hardware support like gate systems or cashier systems. These additional benefits can help your venue mature more quickly and bring early returns on investment.

2. Joining a trampoline brand will save you worry and effort
Joining a trampoline park brand can save investors time and effort when planning the venue's layout and design. bettaplay has a dedicated team that conducts on-site measurements and helps investors with specific equipment layout and venue planning. Additionally, they provide assistance with equipment transportation and venue installation, saving investors from worrying about these tasks.

3. Joining a trampoline brand can reduce operational risks
Joining a trampoline park brand reduces the operational risks that investors may face. bettaplay provides assistance with negotiating lease agreements, and their professionals are available to guide store operations and provide practical operating models. They also offer after-sales services, venue management, operation, and promotion, reducing operational risks and paving the way for a smooth-running business.

In conclusion, choosing to join a trampoline park brand like Pokiddo can save investors time, effort, and resources, allowing them to focus on other important tasks. While both joining a franchise and starting a business independently have their advantages and disadvantages, investors must carefully consider which option suits them best. By joining a professional trampoline park brand, investors can benefit from expert advice and support, reducing the risks and ensuring the success of their business.

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