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How Can I Run a Trampoline Park Successfully As a First-Time Investor?

How Can I Run a Trampoline Park Successfully As a First-Time Investor?

Dec 19,2023
How Can I Run a Trampoline Park Successfully As a First-Time Investor?


The trampoline park industry has rapidly grown, occupying a considerable share of the amusement market with significant potential for growth. For novice investors entering this industry, here are some strategies to successfully run a trampoline park, compiled by Bettaplay Park, a professional trampoline manufacturer.

1. Market positioning is critical. Investors should carefully consider the location, local market conditions, investment amount, and target customer groups before opening a trampoline park in first- or third- and fourth-tier cities. A medium-to-large park in first- and second-tier cities could offer more opportunities, while testing the waters with a small venue in third- and fourth-tier cities is also an option.

2. High-quality trampoline equipment is crucial for safety and attracting more customers. Investors should purchase equipment based on specific market needs and park positioning, rather than blindly following trends.

3. Effective operation and management are key to realizing a return on investment. To improve the trampoline park's competitiveness, investors need to train employees and improve overall service quality. Planning diverse and unique activities can attract customers and ensure they have a positive experience.

By following these strategies, novice investors can increase their chances of success in the trampoline park industry and maximize its growth potential. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Pokiddo, the leading professional trampoline park manufacturer.

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