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What is the target market for trampoline parks?

What is the target market for trampoline parks?

Dec 16,2023
What is the target market for trampoline park?

The popularity of trampolines, spurred by TikTok, has led many investors to see the bright future of the trampoline park industry and to seek ownership of such venues. However, understanding the specific target groups of trampoline parks is essential for more precise placement of the venue. This requires a concept referred to on the internet as "user profiling."

User profiling involves labeling customers based on their basic attributes, behavioral tendencies, and interests. It is an effective and concise way to describe groups of people, such as trampoline players, those born in certain decades, and white-collar workers. Profiling trampoline park users helps investors find their target customers easily, making revenue generation more efficient.

Trampoline parks have numerous target groups, including families, students, extreme sports players, corporate team building, young white-collar workers interested in fitness, and office workers in need of stress relief.

1. Families with children enjoy trampoline parks as they provide a relaxing and family-oriented environment.

2. For teenagers, trampoline parks provide exciting experiences and challenging trampoline tricks.

3. Corporate team building in trampoline parks helps employees relax physically and mentally and strengthen team bonds.

4. Fitness and weight loss enthusiasts can use trampolines for aerobic exercise, which can burn fat and shape their bodies in just ten minutes.

5. Extreme sports players can challenge themselves with the precision and complexity of fancy trampoline movements.

6. On weekends and holidays, families, children, and students come to trampoline parks.

7. During weekdays, young white-collar workers, team building groups, and those seeking trampoline training represent the main target groups.

In conclusion, the trampoline park industry is still in a booming phase and has great potential. Understanding user profiling is key to grasping user psychology and achieving significant profits for investors. Trampoline parks have diverse target groups that can be catered to by aligning venue features, marketing strategies, and commercial models.

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