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Trampoline Park Market Outlook: A booming business

Trampoline Park Market Outlook: A booming business

Dec 16,2023

Trampoline Park Market Outlook: A booming business

Hey there! Have you heard of trampoline parks? I'm sure you have if you're into TikTok short videos! People all over the world are going crazy for this high-flying sport, which first gained popularity in Europe and America. So why exactly are trampoline parks getting more and more popular, and what can we expect from the industry in the future, say in 2024? As an investor, it's really important to understand these trends!

1. Trampoline parks are suitable for all ages and have diverse projects
Internet celebrities frequently endorse trampoline parks because of their high playability. They offer unique, diverse, and exciting options, ensuring people from ages 3 to 55 can take part. The trampoline park combines leisure, entertainment, sports and fitness in a highly comprehensive and fun way. The indoor venue can be fitted with various other entertainment fields, such as indoor playgrounds, educational and expansion projects, parent-child interactive entertainment projects, and more. With its diverse entertainment projects, it can satisfy the demands of several age groups.

2. Trampolining has numerous health benefits
Trampoline parks blend fitness, fun and competition to provide a new leisure and entertainment means. Ten minutes of trampoline exercise is equal to half an hour of jogging! According to reliable foreign data, trampoline exercise has significant health benefits for children under 12, including making them taller, improving their immune system, strengthening their nervous system, and body development. Additionally, it enhances learning attention, boosts confidence, and discourages overuse of mobile phones and iPads. For adults, trampoline exercise is also a good oxygen-supplementing exercise, promoting blood circulation, oxygen-carrying capacity, enhancing human immunity, preventing obesity, relieving fatigue and stress.

3. Trampoline parks align with the development of modern society
As society develops, the demand for leisure and entertainment has substantially increased. The entertainment projects in trampoline parks are diverse, interesting and competitive, drawing people from various age groups who seek new avenues to relax. Pocket House, a professional trampoline manufacturer, designs new gameplay and projects continuously, which satisfies modern family service models. While guiding consumption, it brings an enormous business opportunity and development space to investors.

Now you have a general understanding of the development prospects for the trampoline park industry in the future. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Pokiddo, the leading professional trampoline manufacturer.

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