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How to choose a good trampoline venue?

How to choose a good trampoline venue?

Dec 14,2023

Trampoline parks have certain height requirements for venue installation and gameplay. If your trampoline park primarily caters to children, the net height of the venue must be at least 4 meters; if your venue also has open adult amusement projects, the net height of the venue is best kept at 5 meters or higher. Professional trampoline manufacturer Pocket House recommends a net height of 5.2 meters, which is more flexible in terms of consumer targeting and equipment selection, as well as facilitating the planning and design of trampoline parks in the future.


I. Height Requirements for Popular Projects of Trampoline Parks
There are many popular projects in trampoline parks, and some can be customized according to the actual venue height, such as free jumping, spider wall, sticky ball, and climbing wall. Therefore, the requirements for the height of the venue are not strict. However, some other functional projects have rigid requirements for venue height. For example, the standard height for a high-altitude slide project should be above 5 meters. The height required for professional trampoline equipment is theoretically 8 meters. Of course, this is a height that professional athletes can achieve. For ordinary people like us, we only need the venue to have a height of 4.5 meters or more.


II. Requirements for Columns and Ventilation in Trampoline Venues
Trampoline park venues should have no uneven ground and good ventilation performance. It is best to have multiple louvers, and there should be no columns.

III. Fire Regulations in Trampoline Parks
1. Fire regulations: The safety entrance and exit of the trampoline park must have at least two, and cannot be set up in underground garages or places over 10 floors high. The laying of electrical circuits and wires in the venue must comply with reasonable specifications required by the power company. When using high-power appliances, such as video game equipment, which requires a lot of electric power, a certain distance must be maintained from combustibles.
2. Fire equipment: The venue must have fire indicators and safety entrance and exit indicators, and fire extinguishing equipment must be fully prepared.

Generally speaking, the higher the venue height, the better. First, it is convenient for the subsequent upgrading of equipment in the venue. Second, it can give consumers a broader perspective and a better gameplay experience. Of course, in addition to the height of the venue, trampoline park investors also need to consider safety issues such as ventilation and fire prevention when choosing a venue to ensure that visitors have a good consumer experience.

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