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How to maintain and keep customers in the trampoline park operation process?

How to maintain and keep customers in the trampoline park operation process?

Dec 14,2023

In recent years, the hot trend of trampoline parks has attracted the attention of many investors. But while the industry may seem like a lucrative one, maintaining and retaining customers in the business proves to require much more attention and effort than one might surmise. Today, we, professionals in the trampoline park industry at Bettaplay want to share some tips on how to maintain and retain customers in your trampoline park business.


Firstly, adding new trampoline equipment is vital for keeping your business up-to-date and attractive to customers. Even if your venue already possesses powerful competitiveness in the market, regular updates and development of trampoline equipment within the park are essential. With new advancements in technologies and features, new trampoline equipment can provide for better, more cutting-edge experiences for visitors, something the industry relies upon.


Secondly, it is imperative to take the maintenance and cleaning of trampoline equipment seriously. It's a basic necessity that all amusement parks must prioritize. Without providing basic safety and hygiene protocols, it's difficult to imagine any visitors wanting to hazard a visit. Regular check-ups and maintenance of key components, such as all connections and reinforcement sections to prevent loosening bolts and nuts, as well as regular inspections of moving parts, such as bearings, to rectify lubrication and loading requirements as per safety standards, are also vital measures for superior safety standards. It is also essential to ensure that the equipment is both safe and environmentally friendly. Any large odor or smell emanating from the trampoline could not only prove unpleasant but also be harmful to customers' health.


Thirdly, staff training is crucial in creating a well-maintained and supportive trampoline park experience. Investing in specialized staff training in the field of trampoline knowledge and industry skills helps employee staff cultivate a supportive attitude that prioritizes the safety and satisfaction of visitors. Clear communication and friendly customer service are crucial factors for ensuring that visitors can easily navigate trampoline parks and absorb the experience. Further, by reinforcing staff knowledge of emergency response systems, and providing customers with tailored guidance, it is possible to create a well-managed and safe yet unforgettable experience.

In bulleted summary, to maintain and retain customers in trampoline parks, the following measures are important:

- Regular updates and development of trampoline equipment
- Maintenance and cleaning of trampoline equipment
- Staff training in providing a professional and supportive service to visitors

We hope that these tips provide some useful insights to help investors maintain and retain customers in trampoline park businesses. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our professional trampoline manufacturer, Bettaplay.

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