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Large Family Entertainment Center-AP Sports Center in Tongxiang

Large Family Entertainment Center-AP Sports Center in Tongxiang

Jul 16,2021

Shopping Mall Family Entertainment Center

Briefing on the AP FEC

The AP Sports Center is a family entertainment center with 20+ popular games suitable for kids and adults both. It would be great choice for birthday parties, friends fun parties, family gathering, team-buidling, etc.  In the trampoline area, you can do free jumping, slam dunk and spider wall, etc. In the large ball pool, ball fighting or enjoy sliding would be a great fun. In the interactive games area, you can do archery, basketball shooing and baseball. Dedicated to bringing happiness to people, Pokiddo is more committed to creating more opportunities for interaction and companionship for parents and children. 

Shopping Mall FEC Shop Front

Project Background of AP Sports Center

AP Sports Center in Tongxiang, Jiaxin is the 4th park of AP family entertainment center brand which is jointly built by Pokiddo and Miao Miao Le.  It is located in Wuyue Plaza,  a shopping mall center that shapes a new look of urban life and empowers a happy life. The plaze brings together 120+ popular and trendy brands, 60+ delicious delicacies, 7 children's education center, 3 trendy indoor entertainment parks, so the visitors flowrate would not be a problem for a FEC. 

Family Entertainment Center Ball Pool

Large Kids Ball Pool with Crazy Slides and Donut Slide

FEC Interactive Basketball

Interactive Basketball for FEC

FEC Interactive Baseball

Interactive Baseball for FEC

FEC Interactive Archery

Interactive Archery for FEC

FEC Birthday Parties

Family entertainment center is a great choice for birthday parties, especially for kids, as they can enjoy a memorable birthday playing with their friends in such a fabulous amusement park. 

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