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What's The Overall Cost to Build an Indoor Trampoline Park?

What's The Overall Cost to Build an Indoor Trampoline Park?

Update Time:2021/8/25

The overall cost to build a trampoline park includes startup and ongoing costs, and is depend on a variety of factors including the size and location of your building, trampoline park design, building decoration, etc. 

The common startup costs for a trampoline park include:

1) Venue construction or renovation cost

2) Trampoline equipment cost like free jumping, dodgeball, foam pit, climbing walls,etc. 

Pokiddo as a trampoline park manufacturer, our offer for equipment is around 110-160 dollars per sqm2. 

The final cost depends on the design proposal or trampoline park attractions included. 

3) Hardware facilities like air-conditioning system, computer, etc

4) Trampoline park related insurance

5) Stock sheet of snacks and drinks

6) Rent cost for trampoline park building

7) Reserved fund for the first months of payroll, utilities, etc.


Once your trampoline park is launched, the ongoing costs include:

1) Rent cost for trampoline park building

2) Park utilities (water, electricity, etc) and maintenance

3) Promotion and marketing

4) Payroll for staff


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