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What Service Does Pokiddo Offer In Building A Trampoline Park?

What Service Does Pokiddo Offer In Building A Trampoline Park?

Update Time:2021/9/7

When you are planning to buid a trampoline park, you would expect to get turnkey service from a trampoline park manufacturer or franchise company. Pokiddo, founded in 2017 and with years of experience, is not only a manufacturer of trampoline park but also offers franchise opportunities. We designs, manufactures, installs and maintains indoor trampoline and adventure park. So far we've built up 60+ franchise parks, take a look at Pokiddo franchise parks

As a trampoline park manufacturer, Pokiddo offers professional design proposal from operator's view and trampoline park attractions equipment of high quality. All our equipment are produced in Zhejiang province, China. We deliver the equipment to client's cite and send professional installation team to complete the construction.

And we also offer franchise opportunities. We started our business by building our own Pokiddo park in the year of 2018. The experience of running our own park enables us to offer more guidance on operation for a successful trampoline park business. Other than offering the equipment only, we can offer advice on location or site selection, ongoing support for marketing and promotion, etc. To be a franchisee will surely prevent you from losing sleep over the project. 

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