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How To Do Equipment Safety Inspection in Trampoline Park?

How To Do Equipment Safety Inspection in Trampoline Park?

Update Time:2021/7/20

Nowadays, the standard of living is getting higher and higher. All parents to give their children a happy childhood. Therefore, both the first-tier cities and the three-fourth township children's parks and trampoline parks have been warmly welcomed by the children and parents. . Children's play equipment is very common in our daily life. In many places, even in the community door, these small amusement equipment can be seen. What are the safety problems in the children's play equipment industry?

1. Equipment safety in kids soft play and trampoline park

Therefore, some work is even more important! Especially when the weather is getting cold, whether it is indoor or outdoor play equipment, indoors should first check whether the safety passages and fire exits are unblocked, whether there are flammable and explosive debris, the aging of electrical equipment lines, and short-circuit hidden dangers. If you are outdoors, check the surrounding area for fire hazards. Do not place heating equipment such as stoves and electric heaters next to the children's play equipment. Of course, you should check whether the electrified equipment line is aging or short-circuited.

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2. The hidden dangers of children's parks and trampoline park facilities

The general park should be equipped with sufficient safety guidance personnel according to the size of the venue and the flow of people to ensure the safe operation of the park. However, there are many children's parks without special management. They belong to the “ground stall” operation. The brand is secret and the manufacturer is unknown. The safety performance is not guaranteed. Many equipments are still “second-hand goods”. In addition, the maintenance and repair of these facilities lags behind, the administrators have a weak sense of prevention, and irregular maintenance, the equipment has many potential safety hazards. Therefore, children's play equipment safety precautions must be done! There are many kinds of children's play equipment. First, we must ensure that the equipment itself is clean and tidy. There are any debris or a lot of dust inside and outside the equipment. If so, please remove it. In winter, the weather is cold. Always check whether the lubricant needs to be added or replaced. The amusement equipment containing electronic components must be checked once a week to replace the aging parts and lines to solve the safety hazard. In addition, there should be clear and eye-catching safety guidance signs and evacuation routes in the park venue.

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3.  The health of children's paradise and trampoline park should be in place

For the sanitation and disinfection work of amusement facilities, there are different practices. Some have long-term non-cleaning and non-sterilisation phenomena, which are easy to cause germs to breed and cause infection of children. What should we do about this? If it is a plastic toy, it can be diluted with soapy water, disinfected laundry, bleaching powder, etc., rinsed with water, and dried or dried with a cleaning cloth. If it is a plush toy, you can choose to send it to the laundry for dry cleaning or washing. The water can be divided into layers of washing or cleaning. The layered cleaning must first find out the thread of the toy filling hole and then carefully cut it out. The electronic toy is not clean, just wipe it with a clean cloth.

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