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Swing Turnstile for Trampoline Park / FEC

Swing Turnstile for Trampoline Park / FEC

Swing Turnstile for Trampoline Park / FEC
Swing Turnstile for Trampoline Park / FECSwing Turnstile for Trampoline Park / FECSwing Turnstile for Trampoline Park / FECSwing Turnstile for Trampoline Park / FEC
CategoriesPOS System
ModelSwing Turnstile
MaterialsHigh quality steel plate
Product Size1200*220*950mm
Passage Width600mm-900mm
Performance110v-220v 50/60Hz
Pass Speed20 persons/min
Update TimeJun 14,2024
Detail Information

1. Briefing on the Swing Turnstile for Trampoline Park / FEC

The passage of the swing tunstile is composed of two door panels. When passing, the door panels swing in the same direction on both sides to open and close the passage, so it is commonly called the swing turnstile. This "interstellar" swing turnstile is made of high-quality steel plate stamped and formed, sprayed with white baking paint to effectively prevent rust, beautiful in appearance, and resistant to external damage. The interstellar swing turnstile uses a brushless motor, which has strong impact resistance and a smaller failure rate.

Swing Turnstile for Trampoline Park  FEC-1

2. Specification & Diameters of Trampoline Park / FEC Swing Turnstile

Product Name "Interstellar" Swing Turnstile Materials High quality steel plate
Product Size 1200*220*950mm Direction One-way or two-way
Drive Motor DC Motor 24V/40W Swing Speed 1-2s
Pass Speed 20 persons/min Control Method Relay/controller
Relative Humidity ≤90% Production Process Laser cutting, bending
Temperature -15℃-60℃ Passage Width 600mm-900mm
Performance 110v-220v 50/60Hz Installation Expansion bolt/ground platform
Expansion Modules ID Card Reader, Code Scanner, LED Controller, Face ID Machine, Fingerprint Module, IC/ID Card Reader
Apply to Gymnasium, Office Building, Residential Community, Trampoline Park, FEC

Swing Turnstile for Trampoline Park  FEC-2

3. Why Set Swing Turnstile in Trampoline Park / FEC?

The swing turnstile should be part of the POS system in the trampoline park or FEC to realize intelligent access management of the customers. After tickets purchasing, the players can get into the park through the turnstile by face recognition, card swipe, code scan, etc. So the swing turnstile will make your trampoline park/FEC operation more efficient, you don't need to put staff to check tickets at the entrance. 

Swing Turnstile for Trampoline Park  FEC-3

4. Advantages & Features of the "Interstellar" Swing Turnstile

1) Double anti-pinch: infrared/mechanical dual anti-pinch to protect the safety of passers-by

2) Automatic reset: the door panel automatically resets and closes the passage if the card is not passed within the passage time after the card is swiped;

3) Entry alarm: When entering illegally, it will be notified by business and LED status lights;

4) Intelligent anti-following: automatically close the passage after pedestrians legally walk along to prevent pedestrians from following;

5) Secondary development: Provide API interface files and technical consultation to facilitate the development of software docking for customers;

6) Automatic opening after power failure: The gate has a built-in battery, which can automatically open the door after power failure to meet the requirements of fire protection and emergency traffic;

7) Stable operation: the entire system runs smoothly with low noise;

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