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Life | Melbourne 5 Super Fun Indoor Amusement Parks Recommend Don't Be Afraid of Rainy Days!

Life | Melbourne 5 Super Fun Indoor Amusement Parks Recommend Don't Be Afraid of Rainy Days!

Dec 31,2023
Whether it's scorching sun, freezing cold, or pouring rain, Melbourne's indoor amusement center can always help parents and children get rid of boredom and irritability! If the weather is bad, you can enjoy coffee or chat with other parents here with peace of mind, while your child can play in mini villages, pools, slides, costumes, and various fun indoor activities! Now let's take a look at the best indoor amusement center in Melbourne.
1. Croc's Playcenter
The Crocodile Amusement Center has a good reputation in the field of indoor amusement parks! You don't need to make a reservation, you can come and play directly. When children are excited to play in the soft cushion amusement area, you can relax and rest in the nearby coffee shop. Older children can play in jungle themed playgrounds, multi-level ball courts, inflatable jump pillows, walk-in pianos, four lane wave slides, giant high-speed slides, and more. Additionally, the Crocodile Amusement Center has 12 branches in Melbourne, so take a look near your home!

2. Lollipops Playland Lollipop Amusement Park
The lollipop amusement park is one of the best indoor amusement centers in Melbourne, with multiple branches in the city. Here, children are provided with an indoor playground maze, a car, a ball and rifle playground, a climbing wall, a coffee shop, three large slides, a jumping castle, and a ball pool. This amusement park is suitable for children of all ages. Parents can enjoy coffee or delicious food at the amusement park caf é, while children can explore and play!
Melbourne Indoor Amusement Park

3. Planet Kids Children's Amusement Park
When children play, parents are drinking coffee on the side - yes, that's the philosophy of Planet Kids. The design of Planet Kids Cafe is to allow parents to overlook their children's games. There is a closed children's soft cushion game area, a larger game structure for older children, a spacious space for children to ride bicycles, art and handicraft activity tables, a gathering room, and a large screen Xbox Kinect interactive game. The caf é offers freshly ground coffee, as well as delicious sandwiches and pastries, making adults as happy as children!
Melbourne Indoor Amusement Park

4. Rabbit Hole Playcenter
The Rabbit Hole Amusement Center is the next generation indoor amusement center in Melbourne, featuring modern and high-quality interior design and adventure style amusement parks. They aim to stimulate imagination, encourage exploration, and cultivate creativity through games, all in a safe and fun environment. Even better, this place is also very suitable for parents to stay.
Melbourne Indoor Amusement Park

5. Rainbow Town Play Centre
Rainbow Town Amusement Center is truly an indoor adventure park for children, suitable for children aged 3 and above. The facilities include an indoor playground, rope court, climbing wall, trampoline park, small car racing track, ninja training ground, automatic sliding rope, Lego Wall, and the largest pool that no one has ever seen!
Melbourne Indoor Amusement Park
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