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When opening a trampoline park, what are your biggest concerns?

When opening a trampoline park, what are your biggest concerns?

Dec 27,2023

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1. Space rental and location selection: Choosing a site suitable for establishing a trampoline park is key. Issues such as site size, height, ventilation, etc. need to be considered.

2. Investment cost: The construction of a trampoline park requires certain system equipment, such as trampolines, lighting and sound, air-conditioning facilities, insurance, etc. These require a large investment and require a careful investment plan.

3. Legal certification: Building a trampoline park requires legal certification and approval, including construction and business licenses, safety standard certification, etc.

4. Risk control and insurance: As a commercial institution involved in sports risks, it needs to do a good job in relevant insurance and risk control to protect the interests of customers and itself.

5. Marketing and brand building: Marketing and brand building are the keys to establishing business processes and acquiring customers. It is necessary to formulate targeted market strategies and establish brand image through excellent service and word-of-mouth building.
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