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How many square meters of trampoline park can be opened with a budget of US$70,000?

How many square meters of trampoline park can be opened with a budget of US$70,000?

Dec 25,2023
With a budget of $70,000, it is possible to open a trampoline park that spans around 500-750 square meters or 5,000-8,000 square feet, depending on the cost of construction and local real estate prices.

The cost of setting up a trampoline park is determined by various factors, including rental fees or purchase price of the space, equipment and maintenance costs, advertising and marketing expenses, and employee salaries. To maximize the use of space and attraction of customers, it is important to carefully plan the layout and activities of the park.

For instance, apart from trampolines, the park could include foam pits, dodgeball courts, slam dunk basketball, and an obstacle course. Different zones and amenities within the park could be designed for different age groups to cater to a more diverse range of customers. A café area could also be included to provide refreshments and snacks for customers.

To minimize costs, it may be possible to rent or purchase a space that was previously a warehouse or retail store that requires minimal renovation. Additionally, purchasing second-hand equipment or buying in bulk can reduce costs. However, it is important to balance cost savings with the need to maintain safety standards and provide an enjoyable experience for customers.

In conclusion, with a budget of $70,000, a trampoline park of approximately 500-750 square meters can be established, depending on various factors such as rental or purchase costs, equipment and maintenance expenses, and advertising expenses. Careful planning and design of the park can help maximize the utilization of space and attract a diverse range of customers.trampoline park equipment suppliers trampoline park cost trampoline park equipment for sale toddler jump trampoline park biggest trampoline park in the world

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