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How does a trampoline park maintain long-term profitability? What are the marketing plans for a trampoline park?

How does a trampoline park maintain long-term profitability? What are the marketing plans for a trampoline park?

Dec 9,2023

Currently, trampoline parks have a favorable development outlook, with almost 90% of trampoline halls turning a profit. However, a promising situation and good development trends do not necessarily mean investing and operating trampoline parks is a hassle-free venture. As investors, trampoline park owners must keep many issues in mind, such as venue decoration, site selection, trampoline venue planning and design, staff service attitude, among others, which are all prerequisites for achieving venue revenue. However, making a profit and maintaining stable traffic requires management and marketing skills.

What are some solutions that can help trampoline parks reach their marketing goals with more precision? Below, professional trampoline manufacturer Bettaplay will introduce some effective marketing strategies.

1. Precise marketing targeting trampoline park customers

The rapid development of the trampoline park industry mainly stems from the dividends of the "two-child policy", and in the future, the domestic children's consumption market will further expand. However, most children aged 0-12 lack independent judgment and rely heavily on their parents' choices, making capturing parents' attention a crucial aspect of venue marketing.

Most parents, aged around 25-35, mainly use WeChat as their primary social communication platform. Therefore, the venue can boost the trampoline hall's popularity by maintaining an official account, allowing more people to learn about the trampoline park and promoting holiday trampoline halls' preferential activities, curriculum systems, player showcases, etc., which are currently popular and convenient marketing channels.

2. Participate in local group buying activities at the trampoline park

Actively participating in group-buying platform activities can accurately target the venue's consumer group. In addition to popular online social media group-buying activities such as Instagram and Facebook, trampoline courts should also pay attention to their hosting location's local group buying organizations.

Local group-buying organizations have a clear understanding of the local group-buying situation and market circumstances, making it convenient for trampoline park investors to adjust and keep up with their marketing plans.

3. Utilize short videos for marketing

The widespread dissemination of short-video platforms such as TikTok has brought new opportunities for trampoline park marketing. Trampoline pavilions can post interesting and engaging content on these platforms, such as children's play videos, doll-catching videos, popular park videos, and park activity videos. Capturing viewers' attention means fostering consumer activity later on.

4. Expand the scope of cross-industry cooperation in trampoline halls

Trampoline parks can carry out and strengthen collaborations with training institutions, kindergartens, and mother-and-baby stores, among others, around the venue, and establish collaborations with stores in various forms, such as giving away venue play coupons, free coupons, and advertising exchanges. These partnerships offer opportunities for mutual benefit.


These are just several marketing strategies that can be adopted for trampoline parks, yet there are many others. We believe trampoline parks will continue to improve after selecting the appropriate marketing methods for their venues!

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