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Pokiddo Franchise Trampoline Park in Changzhou

Pokiddo Franchise Trampoline Park in Changzhou

Sep 23,2021

Briefing on Changzhou Pokiddo Trampoline Park

Changzhou Pokiddo trampoline park is a 2500 sqm2 park with a variety of attractions including free jump zone, tap fun, velcro wall, slam dunk, high performance trampoline, kids playground with ball pool, donut slide, crazy slides, ropes course, and more. 

Franchise Story of Changzhou Pokiddo Trampoline Park

Mr. Huang is the investor of Changzhou Pokiddo Trampoline Park. He, as a successful Wenzhou Businessman in the industry of electronic components, had a sharp sight to see the potential of trampoline park in the market of Changzhou. He found that trampoline park was the new trend in the industry of amusement park and the market in Changzhou was still vacant. Soon he started to look for trampoline park manufacturers and even asked friends to introduce trustworthy ones. Through a friend’s referral, Mr. Hangzhou got in contact with Pokiddo and found that we could save him from sleepless nights over the whole project through our one-stop service. 

In order to open a high-end and compelling trampoline park, Mr. Huang invested in his own land and constructed it to meet the requirements for building trampoline park. It took nearly six months from site construction to equipment entry and installation, and the project was completed on schedule.

Changzhou Pokiddo trampoline park(1)

Changzhou Pokiddo trampoline park(2)

Changzhou Pokiddo trampoline park(3)

Changzhou Pokiddo trampoline park(4)

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