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What'S The Requirement For Building An Devil Slide?

What'S The Requirement For Building An Devil Slide?

Update Time:2019-05-06

What'S The Requirement For Building An Devil Slide?

With the cool design and high sense of thrill and excitement, the devil slide has attracted good market feedback since it was introduced to the market. In addition to winning a wave of children's love, even adults have gone. Trying to experience it has become a beautiful scenery in the trampoline park where adults and children are on the battle. More and more trampoline park investors want to introduce the new amusement equipment of the devil slide.

However, it is fun to play, the devil slide has a very high requirement limit on the playground area and the height of the stadium compared to the traditional slide. Then, the trampoline park and the children's park want to be a devil slide. What are the requirements for the environment of the venue?

1. Devil's slide floor height requirements
The reason why the devil slide is called "the devil" is precisely because its large gap can give the player a very exciting sense of weightlessness. The general combination slides do not have too high requirements for the venues of the park, and the devil slide manufacturers pocket houses are divided into three specifications according to their height: 4.2 meters, 5.6 meters, 7 meters, and the floor requirements are 5.5 meters and 6.9 meters respectively. , 8.3 meters or more. Of course, the devil slide is a custom-made product, which can also be tailored to the actual situation of the venue.

2. Devil's slide safety buffer zone requirements
In addition to considering whether the height of the stadium is high enough, there is still a need for a safe buffer area. The higher the height of the Devil's slide, the steeper the slope and the faster the player will slide. If there is not enough buffer zone, the player will stop abruptly when it slides to halfway, and there will be an impact between the body and the bezel, causing injury.

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