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How To Do The Operation And Marketing Of Indoor Amusement Park?

How To Do The Operation And Marketing Of Indoor Amusement Park?

Update Time:2019-05-06

How To Do The Operation And Marketing Of Indoor Amusement Park

With the opening of the second child policy, more and more parents and children love to go to activities such as children's playgrounds. In the various shopping malls, squares, etc., you can see the indoor children's paradise, but let the children's paradise develop effectively and long-term, mastering effective management methods and knowing marketing is the key.

1. Positioning the customer base of the children's park
Children's parks must define the customer base. Our children's paradise mainly faces more than 3 groups of children, taking into account the psychological feelings of children and the psychology of parents of children. Children's safety and health are the concerns of parents. Safety and environmental protection must be considered in our children's playground. We let the children have fun and play safely; let the parents feel at ease and comfortable.

2. Clarify the business philosophy of the children's playground
In order to distinguish it from other indoor children's playgrounds with excessive commercial atmosphere, we make it easier for our target customers to accept us more psychologically, so that we can choose our children's playground to a greater extent. The unique business model and concept are an effective way for children's parks to differentiate their operations and quickly increase their popularity. In the future, they will become a long-term profitable business model for children's parks.
Second, the marketing method of children's park
1. Establish a brand that belongs to your own children's playground
Start with the children's park brand, promote the business philosophy of our children's park, create our own brand image, quickly bring the brand to the market and expand the brand influence. Our Children's Park has a multi-purpose area that allows children to improve their potential, train their hands and improve their coordination.

2. Do a good job in the marketing of children's playgrounds
For indoor parks, the projects in the children's playground are more attractive, but as customers will also lose interest in fixed projects, so we can do some activities during the holidays to increase the traffic of our children's park. With the characteristics of the children's playground and the nature of children's play, we can carry out some parent-child, fun, teamwork, exploratory activities to stimulate children's fun, promote the relationship between children and parents, and make children and parents more intimate. .

3. Implement the membership system of the children's park
In order to attract more loyal customers, we can launch our membership system after opening the children's park for a while. For different customers, handle different membership cards, such as annual card, monthly card, recharge card, etc. The amount of consumption can also be accumulated in points. If a certain amount of points can be redeemed for gifts or vouchers, customers can apply for free membership when the accumulated consumption reaches the requirements of the children's playground. The customer is the source of the performance of the children's park. Most of the income of the park comes from the consumption of the customers. We treat the parents who are accompanying us to learn to empathize and establish a good relationship with the parents. In short, operating a children's park is the same as running other stores. No matter which stage of your business you are in, you only need to operate with care and adopt different management methods at different stages. I believe your children's playground will get better and better.
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